Monday, June 21, 2010

Hip Online Casino

Who love's to play online games here? Hmmm.. I know many people are engage at any online games, I'm a self confess facebook game addict..hihi It is my past time to play online games. To get away from stress and enjoy one lazy day..hehe.

One of the most played games online is the online casino. I found a website that teaches the basic basics for casino games like roulette, video poker, slots and many more. They aim is to assist you in learning the proper online gambling strategies so you will have better odds of winning at online casinos.

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Masao Escapade

I really enjoy my weekend a lot. A great escape from my real world. Me and my dear office mates went to Mati, at Cinco Masao. The beach is awesome, I soo love it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Learn Algebra Online

Does your grade in Algebra 1 field? Stop worrying right now, TutorVista offers algebra class online. They work on basic concept and get help with your algebra class. Their tutor are highly qualified who have many years in experience, you are assured of the quality they offered and they will not stop until you understand everything and ready to pass the subject.

They also offer intensive Algebra 2 help tutorial. From Quadratic Equations to Quadratic Functions from Linear Equations to Polynomial functions, sequences and series, relations and functions and factorization. Algebra 2 tutoring is one-on-one and personalized and is done at your own pace and time ensuring that you learn the subject while enjoying it too. This is so cool and very much interesting.

You can also work with their algebra 1 and algebra 2 problems. You can also take a free Algebra demo session with them to solve some Algebra problems. Connect with a tutor anytime, anywhere and get all the Algebra answers you need. In fact you can also get answers to Algebra homework and assignments online with TutorVista. All you need to do is upload your assignments, and then their tutors will work on it and e-mail it back to you with detailed step by step explanations.

With this new generation of technology, everything is possible in a more easy way.

Friendster Survey 101

Bored! walang magawa sa Lyf.. Answer nlang po ng survey's!

1.)pggcng mo anung una mng gnwa?
* mag tanga-tangahan...hehe

2.)sn ka lge natambay sa bahay niyo?
* sa room ng computer

3.)anung lugar ang pinakabihira mong puntahan?
* sa gilid ng bahay, sa mga aso at isda

4.)ilng bintana meron kayo?
* hmmmm.. medyo madami cya, more than 2..hehe

5.)ilng t.v. meron kayo?
* 2

6.)ilng nmn ang computer niyo?
* 2

7.)anung parte ng bahay ang pinakamaingay?
* sa dining room

8.)taong bahay kaba?
* uu just love hanging out sa bahay

Buhay sa eskwelahan?

1.)san ka ngaaral?

2.)masaya kba dun?
* super!

3.)anung subject ka natutulog?
* hhmmmmm... good student ako hindi ako natutulog sa skul..hahah

4.)sang klase k nmn patakas na kumakain?
* di ko na matandaan

5.)san ka naman ngseseryoso?
* computer classes - major eh..

6.)nangopya knb?
* uu naman... sino kayang hindi..hahah

7.)ngcutting knb?
* uu rin, super good student talaga ako..

8.)ilng beses kna npunta sa clinic?
* madami na, every time my report ako my sakit din ako nyan..hehehe

9.)cnu pinakakinakatakutan mong guro? nung hs?
* hmmmm meron ba? d ko na maalala

10.)sinong teacher ang lge kng pinapalabas?
* wala nman..

11.)mabute kbng estudyante?
* uu naman! naman!


1.)masaya kba sa love life mo ngayun?
* yes naman!

2.)nakailang relasyon kna?
* twice

3.)mahal mo ba xa?
* uu na uu

4.)cnu ms mhlga srili mo o mhl mo?
* mas mahala sarili ko...

5.)kaya mo bng mawala xa?
* uu naman, if that would happen ready nman ako..

6.)ilng months na kayo?
* 53 months

7.)cnu msmatangkad sa inyo?
* same age

8.)kaya mo bng mamatay para sa taong mahal mo?
* uu naman...

9.)panu mo malalaman cung dpt kna mglet go?
* kung na feel ko na hindi na talaga niya ako mahal at harap harapan na niya akong niloloko...

10.)pnu mo nmn mllmn kung dpt ka mghold on?
* yung nakikita ko pa na ng effort cya para sa relationship at mahal ko pa cya..

11.)masaya ba mgng single?
* uu naman, pero iba rin yung happiness when you have someone special...kesooo....

Round 2:

1.Your name plus "o" ?>
* Molito... ka chaka

2. Two feelings at the moment ?>
* Excited and worried..

3. What are you listening to right now ?>
* nothing... keyboard..

4.A part of a song lyric that's in your mind right now ?>"
* hmmmm, wala eh... wla sa mood

5. Describe where you are right now ?>
* sa room ng computer na naman!

6. What is your highlight of the week ?>
* were going to Mati this weekend super excited na talaga ako..

7. What are you craving to have rightnow ?>
* hmmmm... ice cream - ube flavor

8. Any unforgettable childhood memory ?>
* marami, pero yung nahulog ako sa corridor ng chapel namin yun yung di ko malimotan..

9. A not-so-good childhood memory ?>
* na namatay nanay at tatay ko... that was so, so, so sad :(

10. What are your nicknames ?>
* lang, palang, ling, tong, molitong, mo!

11. Your plans for tomorrow ?>
* sleep, work, eat

12. Your two plans for today ?>
* work, work

13. Are you thinking of someone rightnow ?>
* hmmmm ala eh

14. Do you party ?>
* yes naman..

15. Do you like twins ?>
* super like

16. Fill in the blank "I am ..>
* chubby...hahah

18. Say anything you like to say to whoever isreading>
* hi, gusto mo rin tong survey nato no?

19. Are you feeling hungry ?>
* not at this moment

20. Who do you miss ryt now ?>
* friends and bheby ko

21. Last friend you saw online ?>
* madami, they are working

22. Are you in love?>
* yes! with my self..hehe and my bhe of course

23. What do you like about night ?>
* time so sleep na and have some rest after a long day

24.If you were in a farm, what do you wantto see ?>
* fruits, super daming fruits

25. Last person who gave a testimonial toyou ?>
* Di ko na ma-alala..

26. Did you like it ?>
* maybe yes

27. Do you play an instrument ?
* wala.. hahha

28. What song did u last hear ?>
* Kung ako nlang sana ang iyong minahal..nyahah

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Best Online Tutorials

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Math tutor online is a lot fun and easier, I would really suggest go for it if you have Math problem they will truly help you, they are the best Math problem solver!

The How To Laboratory

Cube pixels design lab is now accepting new batch of students! Harry! Start learning new tricks and experience the new level of designing. Inquire now and know the Answer!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Easy Translation Online

To be able to communicate with different people you must understand their language. Language translation services is one way to help people understand each others thoughts, ideas and opinions. In this world of technology where Internet is one of the major medium for communication professional translation is a big business opportunity. Translia Clouds translation is one among hundreds of translation companies who offer good quality output to their clients. Online 24/7 and money back guarantee if you don't like the output of their service. Lifetime quality warranty, which means whenever you find a translation mistake, we will improve the translation for free and refund the translation fee for the segment including the mistake and no minimum word count you can get a single sentence or even a single word done by our standard process - translating, editing and proofreading by multiple professional translators. Nothing could be more convenient than a company who offer great deals and made communication more easier than we could ever imagine.

Translation service made easy for you, you are assured that everything will be fine before the deadline. It's a good feeling that as new technology arises communication to different part of the worlds are easier also. You can start communicating people from different races, be united, and explore different languages. Being friends with anywhere in the world is now possible. You can expand and introduce your product all over the world and everyone would know how good it is. Expanding your business world wide is so possible now. Thanks for all the companies especially Translia who made all this things possible. Two thumbs up to all of you.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Gate Away

Summer has ended and I did not get a chance to go to the beach and have some fun. It was odd. I really had a busy summer days. I have a Saturday class and during week days I have a night shift work. I don't have much time to enjoy the summer sunshine. But its never too late anyway, I hope this June though its now rainy season. I still have a chance to enjoy the beach. My office mates are planning to go to Mati this June 19, I really hope I can joined them this time. The beaches their are so wonderful so I hope I can enjoy it this time.

I'll be seeing you soon.