Thursday, April 30, 2009

Punk Mate

What is Punk? A label? A music genre? Or Something Else? Whatever it means to you, there's one thing for sure punkers are humans. Another question is are you one of them? If yes then punk rock dating is the best place for you to share your inner ideas and thoughts.Here you can meet millions of punkers all over the world, who are single and looking for love. Who knows you might find the person your looking for on this chat room.

The Ugliest Cheerleaders

Weeh this pictures are cool. You can really laugh out loud. This cheerleaders really are fun!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hot Shows at Las Vegas

If your a well traveled person, going to Las Vegas would not be complete without seeing there fabulous shows. So were to ask tickets and know what are the shows. Visit Shows Las Vegas, they offer the largest selection of tickets to some of the newest and hottest shows in Las Vegas. With the most famous entertainers in the world you're surely enjoy you're stay at Las Vegas. If you're not sure what shows to see, be sure to check out there hot detailed descriptions and brilliant photos of each show. They were also able to offer most affordable tickets available, plus you will get a superior customer service during and after you buy your tickets.

One of the most salable shows in Las Vegas is the Blue Man Group Ticket. The Blue Man Group brings their high-energy and lively Las Vegas show to the stage for two shows a night, seven days a week. The Blue Man Group performers remain mute through the entire performance, while managing to make being completely mute very entertaining. The Blue Man Group makes their noise with percussion instruments of every shape and variety. You perfectly love everything in Las Vegas from a beautiful place to a awesome shows.

The Ring Head Man

This Man Luis Antonio Aguero Torregosa is super weird, imagine he has over 300 holes in his face, and believe it or not, he will fill all of them with metal.He is very famous in his own town Havana on Cuba. Not on his face full of piercing, but also his entire body pierced with all kinds of rings, some of them at very sensitive part..ouch!

Securing your home

Securing our home is very much important. It will give us safety and peace of mind every time were in or out of our home. It is not necessary to have expensive alarms and gadgets to secure your own home. Simple things will do. It is good if we have fire protection on our home. In case of emergency we have something to defend on. Not only for our own home but also for our neighbors home. It is also advisable to have a phone numbers @ the nearest hospital, fire stations and police stations so that in case of emergency you can call someone ASAP and ask for help. You can also visit this Home Security Information site for more inquiries.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Famous saying of the day

“The real art of conversation is not only to say the right
thing at the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong
thing at the tempting moment.” — Dorothy Nevill

Reliance Electric

Reliance Electric products such as motors, drives, controls and services have become the standard from which all others are measured. That's why plant, design and control engineers as well as maintenance and management personnel depend on Reliance Electric automax brand products and services for a wide selection of dependable, efficient and easy-to-use solutions to improve productivity and profitability. They have found a home in plants, products and processes around the world. Reliance, a Rockwell Automation business, produces motors, drives, controls, drive systems and support services that have become the standard in the industry. Products bearing a Reliance Electric nameplate can be found hard at work around the world, solving the toughest automation problems

At DSI they believe there is no substitute for experienced electrical engineers; they have some of the best! They have former Reliance Field Service Engineers with considerable Reliance and systems experience -- especially in the pulp and paper industries. There staff is experienced with maintenance, project engineering, and automated control systems incorporating Reliance/ Allen-Bradley parts.

There management team provides you with friendly customer service, a very experienced accounting and office management staff. Call them and you will get help, not a frustrating phone system.

Dont want to miss you even a while

Love this poem. I felt every word of it ;) Hope you like it too :D

Find your soulmate

I found this dating single mothers site, who therefore needs some extra love and passion. Single mothers don't have much time for dating but they are still looking for love, can you be the one that will give it to them? Creating an account is fast and easy and most importantly its Free. You can start joining now and create a profile 100% free.

Hot Summer quotes

likeness this super cute summer quotes:

Web Hosting Geeks

I found this very informative website which caters Web Hosting reviews, rating and awards since 2004. This site is very much knowledgeable, you will be able to know which web hosting best fits for your site. Through this site you can determine which web hosting company is right for you. It is the best place for those who are new to this Internet world business and wanted to create there own website. Here you can choose which web hosting services to go. You can compare from the best web hosting company to the worst. Know that the Web hosting providers ranked by the best price-value ratio. Host reliability, uptime, key features, bonus features, customer support, past and current user feedbacks, user-friendliness and hosting awards have been taken into account as well.

Before choosing which web hosting is the best for you. You must understand some factors first like How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service,How to Make Money with Web Hosting, Which Web Hosting is Best For You?, etc. You can really learn so much things from this site. This web hosting company will always back you u, they would help you understand what is really web hosting and its benefits for you.

Summer Outing Update

Last Saturday I went to "La Familia" @ Samal Island together with my cousin's
officemates. The place was so nice. It was so peaceful. It's the best place to go if you wanted to have peace of mind and be relaxed. I enjoyed the white sand, the duyan, the tent and the three house. Feeling ko talaga sa amin ang resort kasi walang ibang visitor kami lang.weeehh..

me together with my cousins officemates

me at the stairs..hehe

the Sunset :)

me at the tent ;)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Salt Lake City concrete contractor

Are you tired of staining your deck year after year? Salt Lake City concrete contractor is the solution of your problem. They specialized on Concrete Staining, Epoxy Coatings, Waterproof Deck Coatings, Concrete Sealing, and Concrete Overlay System. Having a garage floor coated can make your life easier in many ways. Clean-up is as easy as wiping up oil, gas, grease and dirt with a wet paper towel. Not only is clean-up a snap, you will be amazed at how fast we can enhance the appearance of your dull and ordinary garage.

Our harsh climate can be very damaging to concrete. If you want your driveway, stamped concrete, patios, etc. to endure the test of time proper maintenance is a must. Sealing your concrete will increase its longevity and give it a glossy finish. They had a great customer service. You need to keep in mind that concrete work is a general term that covers a wide area of knowledge. Obviously you wouldn't hire a contractor that paves concrete driveways to install your concrete counter top. Your choice of Salt Lake City concrete contractor really depends on the job you are trying to accomplish. Just remember to look for a concrete contractor that handles your specific type of project.

Think about this

Got this collection of sayings on photo bucket, it is something you should think about. Read and be inspired ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Find your place @ Honolulu

The beautiful place of Honolulu is located on the amazing island of Oahu. Honolulu is field with with sandy beaches, tropical climate, word-class shopping and unlimited culture. It is mark that Honolulu Real Estate Continues to be the number one hot spot for worldwide buyers. The economy crisis had its effect worldwide,including Honolulu Real Estate. This means that, today is actually the best time to invest or purchase real estate in Honolulu or any place at Oahu. Today, the Oahu property price is slowly decreasing, investors and buyers should take advantage during this recession. Now is the time to buy!

Back View

In photography super uso na now ang back view.."talikod effect"..and I'm happy to share our back view photos during our "Canibad" adventure.. I really love it! hope you see art from this..hehe

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finding your other half

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Another set of survey..

1.Your name plus "o" ?
> Molit + o= molito..tsk..

2. Two feelings at the moment ?
> bored and full

3. What are you listening to right now ?
> nothing..sounds ng mga keyboards..hihi

4.A part of a song lyric that's in your mind right now ?
>" who am I, its because of who you are"..hihi

5. Describe where you are right now ?
> @ the office - break time

6. What is your highlight of the week ?
> stay long at the house- sleeping

7. What are you craving to have rightnow ?
> sleep

8. Any unforgettable childhood memory ?
> is nahulog ako sa my chapel namin sa sobrang kiat..haha

9. A not-so-good childhood memory ?
> I guess yung mga awayan moments with friends..

10. What are your nicknames ?
> lang, palang, molitong,moling,haidz

11. Your plans for tomorrow ?
> go home and have some sleep

12. Your two plans for today ?
> work, the blog for ppp..hahha

13. Are you thinking of someone rightnow ?
> nope..

14. Do you party ?
> yes, once in a while lang

15. Do you like twins ?
> super, i even wanted to have my own twins someday

16. Fill in the blank "I am ..
> what I am.

18. Say anything you like to say to whoever isreading
> hello sa lahat..outing ta ninyo para saya ng summer..

19. Are you feeling hungry ?
> I'm full

20. Who do you miss ryt now ?
> my bheby..hihi

21. Last friend you saw online ?
> madami. officemates, fb friends

22. Are you in love?
> YES!

23. What do you like about night ?
> bed time stories..hehe.. the moon and the stars

24.If you were in a farm, what do you want to see ?
> horses..super nice flowers

25. Last person who gave a testimonial to you ?
> don't remember

26. Did you like it ?
> hindi ko talaga ma remember

27. Do you play an instrument ? Whatinstrument ?
> no..nothing.. I tired playing guitar once pero hindi talaga eh..

28. What song did u last hear ?
> Wonderwall

Roskos Roofing

Imagine your home without its roof. You’d be exposed to outside weather among other things!If you neglect a roof for too long you can cause serious damage to your home and all your possessions. Rain can leak under the shingles, further damaging the roof and the entire interior structure. Left in disrepair the cost of having the damage repaired will only grow over time. If you call a qualified Houston roofer as soon as you notice a problem you’ll actually be saving money by preventing further damage.

Roskos Roofing company is the perfect company your looking for.It's a Houston Roofing company, they specialized on Roof Replacement, New Roofs, Roof Repair/ Leak Stop, Flat Roofing and Siding. They serve for 15 years,they like to make your home, and purchasing experience, as relaxed and unproblematic as possible. Roskos Roofing is always prepared to take care of you and price is very affordable. Roskos Roofing is a family operated company in Houston, TX, with over 30 years experience and many happy customers. They provide excellent recommendations and pictures of there quality work as a reference. There patrons are there top priority. They strive to maintain a high level of professionalism on each and every job. What are you waiting for, if something is wrong with your roof, contact Roskos Roofing now.

Summer Outings..

Just a quick update on my summer outings. So Since summer na, the first thing on my mind is beaches..weeh.. super sarap talaga mag beach.. Last April 6,2009 we went to Magayon Beach Resort @ Pendasan with my bhe,friends and cousins.

Last Saturday, April 18,09. Me and my officemates went to Canibad, Samal Island.

Weeh! watch out for more summer fun..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Millionaire Flirt

I found this awesome dating site called sugar daddy dating. If you want to find someone you can spend your spare and quality time with, this is the best place to go. Singles here are real millionaires, who knows you will find the love of your life here. One more thing, this site is for free. So, what are you waiting for? Join now and be part of this this community.


Bored lang po..

**Are you in Love?:
Yes! very much in love :)

**Are you single or taken?:
much taken ;)

**If single, for how long?:
taken na nga..hihi

**Do you like guys or girls?:
Of course a guy.. but love hanging out with my girlfriends too :)

**What do you think about Sporty guys/girls?:
They were cute..

like it!

50/50 ..hihi

**Your Favorites**

**Kind of Food::

Black, white, purple and pink..

**Place to be?:
In my room. Somewhere like a paradise.

**Vacation spot::
Beaches and out of the country trip ;)

Brad Pitt..

Angelina Jolie

**Day Time Talk Show::
Ruffa and Ai..

10 super fave number :)

**Your Short Opinion on**

**Gay Marriage::
Basta masaya sila. Go!

**Drunk Driving::
Worry on there safety...

**Legal Driving Age::
Okay na yung 16.

**Madam Auring and her boyfriend::
Love is blind..

**Young Marriages::
Its ok as long as both are in love and responsible enough

**Young Parents::
Sana walang sisihan...

**Pregnancy without a Marriage::
As long as pinagutan, love and they stay together, its fine with me..:)

**This Survey::
Good enough to kill a few minutes of my time. Hehe.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Build your home

Home remodeling is definitely a hot topic these days. The average home is about 33 years old and with the nation's aging housing stock, Baltimore remodeling projects such as replacing windows and roofs are an ongoing necessity. Regardless the age of their homes, Americans are refurbishing, remodeling and adding on in larger numbers than ever experienced in the past. More than 25 million homeowners in the U.S. are involved in some sort of remodeling project every year and Baltimore remodeling is keeping up with the pace.Large remodeling projects from complete kitchen remodeling to the addition of several rooms, make up a major part of the home improvement dollar invested by homeowners.

Baltimore Remodeling Constructor will work with you to build your home to meet your dreams and your family needs, and not just a house. They Specialized : they will work with you to design a floor plan to present to an architect, saving you hundreds of dollars; they build custom and modular homes, do total rehabs, build additions and garages and do interior and exterior remodeling; they erect and complete modular homes, both stock and custom floor plans, with North American Housing Corp.; they build decks, patios, carports and fences and they are registered with the State of Maryland Housing Rehab Project. You can visit there site as well .

Plastic surgery better of worse?

See this videos. The celebrities before and after plastic surgery. Leave your comments if it help them better or worse.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catholic Chat City

If you're a Catholic then you want to share your views, opinions and ideas about your faith. Catholic Chat City is the perfect place for you. Here you can meet millions of people who shares same thoughts as you have. You can exchange your knowledge to them and at the same time your enjoying and learning. The site is 100% free registration, just simply fill out the form to instantly access to there Catholic chat rooms. Hop on your cam and show many of people see you while you check out their live cam! Sign up now and enjoy viewing and communicating with all of the people on this site today!

Religion is one of the most important, and unifying factors for anyone. If your religion is something that is important to you, and you would like to meet new people who share your Catholic Christian religion, you can, in just a matter of minutes, using Catholic Christian Singles. Who knows what could happen if you find the right person. Since, Catholic Chat City have a lot of free catholic chatrooms . You will find a lot of religious chat lines and live catholic users in free chats with webcams . Catholic Chat City are your resource for live free catholic and religious chat rooms with webcams! Sign up NOW!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Be Happy

Myspace Happiness Graphics Quotes

"Gratefulness is the key to a happy life that we hold in our hands, because if we are not grateful, then no matter how much we have we will not be happy -- because we will always want to have something else or something more."

Dallas Movers

Dallas Movers are specialized in there FREE Estimates & guaranteed written quotes , FREE Box Use (local moves only),FREE disassembly & reassembly of standard furniture (no tools necessary) , Box Packing Service , and Pianos moved. You are really certain that your belongings will safely deliver at your home. There slogan is "making your move easy", they truly appreciate there customers and look forward to helping them in moving, Dallas Movers strives for repetitive quality customer service and "word of mouth" referrals. They are registered with the Texas Department of Transportation and do follow all guidelines set forth to move each and every customer in a safe, friendly and efficient manner.

A Dallas moving company can offer you a wide range of services on top of simply moving your furniture and other belongings. Some companies will often rent or sell you all the packing supplies you’ll need for moving, assist you with packing up your belongings and help with the unpacking once your things get to your new home. These optional services are offered in addition to the move itself and will cost more but it’s good to know you have access to them if needed.

After getting your estimates from each Dallas moving company, you can make some comparisons and choose the Dallas moving company that you feel you can trust to safely move your possessions. Many people really do find moving to be very stressful. You don’t need the added stress of worrying about damage to your possessions at the hands of irresponsible movers. Whether you’re moving down the block or across the country, you need to find a reliable Dallas moving company that you know you can trust. Easy Moving Company is the best!

Value your friends

"A true friend is the greatest of all blessings, and that which we take the least care to acquire."

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Insured Your Cars

Insuring your car is essential it will help protect you and your family in the long run. The best car insurance company that would cater your needs is the CarInsuranceQT. There coverage is dependable and will help give you the peace of mind you deserve when you're driving. They understand that accidents happen let them protect you, they will help you restore your assets if they're lost, stolen, or damaged, they will also cover medical expenses or provide protection in case of legal dispute. They will surely provide you the necessary sefeguard whatever situation you may have.

So what are you waiting for, Now is the time to get the car insurance you've always wanted. They can provide better coverage at more affordable rates. Start the process today and get the protection you deserve.

Friday, April 3, 2009

If I were A Boy..

Beyonce is one of my favorite singers. I love her voice and her songs. Got some reviews for her check this out:

Be Fit

Lap Band is the treatment of obesity. Its operation, can be accomplished with a fast, simple, laparoscopic technique. Since people struggle with their weight for years before looking into the various types of surgical treatments this system might be the answer. This system is advantage because No Hospital Stay, Covered by PPO Insurance, Financing Available , No Cutting or Stapling , 100% Reversible & Adjustable ,Ho Hunger! Not Another Diet! If you still doubting about this system you can visit and read the lap band testimonials where there patients talks about there experience. You can also view videos of lap before and after where you can see how there patients lose weight after the surgery. If your interested just call 1-800-GET-SLIM NOW!

"memories of the past would always remain special either it makes you happy or sad"

Goth Singles

Are you single and ready to mingle? Well if yes is your answer why not try online dating you might find your soulmate there. Goth Singles is one of the hottest and coolest dating site on the web. It's free and very easy to create profile. You can also upload up to 5 photos. This might be your change to meet the love of your life, the person whose meant and worth for you. Your greatest love story might start here so why not take the risk and join Goth Singles. Surely you will be happy to know that someone is interested with you.

Feelin Better Now

Last few days I felt like everything is messing up. I'm diagnose as hypertensive, its in our blood line so its not new to me, but what makes me feel sad is that i can no longer ate what I wanted. Grrrr...My life style should changed for good. I aslo had a big fight with my boyfriend and the relationship almost ended...that made me more upset. Feeling ko talaga the world is on my low talaga ang self-esteem ko. Im been insecure sa lahat nang bagay feeling ko I'm worthless nobody cares and nobody loves me.. Self pity ang drama..but right now I came to realize that its part of being human, sometimes you need to face and conquer life's challenges for you to be able to know your worth. What happen made me more mature and been loving my self more. It made me understand that when things are not doing well just always think of the positive side of life. Learn to stand up then face life with a smile . Its always true that "God would always make a way where it seems to be no way". Everything happens for its own good reason. God would not give you problems that you can't handle. So when things go wrong just have faith.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Know how to invest

I found this very inspiring and informative site which talks about investing and saving money. It is important to save and invest especially in this low economic time. will give you financial tips and goals, they will show you what are the investing strategies and how to invest on a real estate. There blog post are updated from time to time so it means you can access the newest tips at its hottest time. Also is constructed to help other people learn to invest and to teach them the values of financial independence. Although college and any other additional form of education is important, it is significantly more important to know what to do with your money once you make it. This site was designed for that purpose in mind.


Attention to all folks who is interested and planning to buy a lot. I have offer for yah. The owner of this lot is my sister.

this is the lot area...just a walking distance from the main gate of hacienda grande

the neighborhood..this were the houses of hacienda grande

Location: Hacienda Grande, Skyline Davao City.
Lot Area: 150 sq.meter
Php 700,000.00
Contact: Molit @ Smart: 09285526288 or TM: 09058264516
w/complete land title