Monday, October 27, 2008

Think about these!

Misc Quotes

I just love the quote above. Sometimes we need to be insane and feel free to enjoy life most. We only live once, we should learn to enjoy it once in a while. We must live a little. Just a little reminder to some folks who for get to live.. Take a break and chill. =)) aja!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Buzz- Heritage Web Solution!

In todays world of technology every business must have there own website. Almost all individuals rely on the Internet now. It would be a great idea to business man to market there products thought World Wide Web. In order to have a boundless customer and have an increasing income you must have a unique, original and authentic site. There are millions of companies on the Internet who offer great design websites and affordable one. Among all those companies, Heritage Web Design is a trusted name for web designing. There company Heritage Web Solution is a USA Based Company that specializes in Designing and Hosting Affordable Websites for Small and Medium Size Businesses. With a staff of over 225 employees, Heritage Web Solutions has grown to a multi-million-dollar company in just 7 years, achieving a Top 1% of Hosting Companies as reported by WebHosting.Info. Why they achieve all those positive phrases and complements, because they do all the work. There are No Templates. You get an Original "One-of-a-Kind" Website! There designers are Top of their Class, Experienced, Graphic and Layout Designers! They offer full service to there clients Custom Website Design, Flash, Ecommerce, Databases, Traffic Driver, and a lot more. All in one package, they support and they help you grow your business .

Currently, Last October 22,2008 a News Release came out that says Heritage Web Solution will be featured in an upcoming episode of The Economic Report as part of the show’s Business and Technology series on The Power of the Internet Supporting the 21st Century Business Environment. Wow! It is just one way of showing how great Heritage Web Solution is. As of now they were on of the best on there business field. As one of there customer testify: “I would like to let you know that
I have been able to sell several big accounts after they saw our services and products on the
web pages you built, Thanks!
-- Green and Company”

Here is the Press Release for the episode of The Economic Report :

“The Economic Report” show to feature Heritage Web Solutions

October 22, 2008, Deerfield Beach, FL – The producers of The Economic Report are pleased to announce that Heritage Web Solutions will be featured in an upcoming episode as part of the show’s Business and Technology series on The Power of the Internet Supporting the 21st Century Business Environment.

The internet has revolutionized the ways businesses market themselves. It is essential for businesses, both large and small, to have an effective web presence. A company’s website essentially serves as their electronic store front, communicating the company’s identity to website visitors.

Today, there are approximately 970 million internet users thus making internet marketing the most effective way to appeal to customers from around the world. Websites overcome the limitations between countries and continents thus making a company international. Having a website also means that a business is open and reachable at any time and allows for quick customer response time.

But, it isn’t as simple as just setting up a website. The only way for a company to be set apart from other online competition is unique website design. Businesses turn to internet technology companies for the development of a professional and search engine friendly, website.

Utah-based Heritage Web Solutions specializes in designing and hosting affordable websites for small and medium size businesses. In business since 2001, Heritage designs all websites to custom fit each company, giving each client a unique, original and authentic design. Customers of Heritage also have access to custom flash graphics, Ecommerce development and assistance, database creation and management, traffic driving resources and more.

“As a global community, we are evolving into a technology-based world,“ said Brad Stone, Managing Partner, Heritage Web Solutions. “Rarely we pay cash or write a check anymore. More of our purchases are made online, or at least we research online before making a purchasing decision. Our checking, savings and credit card accounts are maintained and paid for online. Our socializing has moved to FaceBook, YouTube and MySpace. Our communications are emailed, texted or Skyped. Breaking news can now be fed instantly via RSS feeds to our computers or cell phones instead of waiting for the six o’clock news. The Internet is very much a main part of human society today.”

For more information, please visit

Buena Suerte Heritage!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fine out who is calling you...

Did you constantly receive calls from a number you don't know? Does it annoy you? Did you hate it? Well.. worry no more, if this thing happens to you. You can Report Annoying Callers @ This site is uniquely made for all, it allows users to comment about calls from certain numbers and let other users know what to expect from that number. Here you can find directory of reported numbers with corresponding comments it is updated regularly and user friendly site.


I'm not feeling well these past few days till now , due to my hard cough and running nose + toothache..huhu.. feeling uneasy and uncomfortable in doing anything. I hate these mess.. I wanted to get well and back my life to normal..but can't force things the way I wanted to so I guess I have no choice but to face it..:( ..Being in these sh**ness made feel "emo" and lazy.. I don't wanna work or do my task, I just wanted to do nothing..haha... too bad...

Heart-Ache Quotes

the above quote made me more "emo"..huhu.. I do remember old days.. Especially when I read my friend hazel lou's blog then see the video clip she made for us...huhu.. I came to realize how much I miss my friends especially in times like this,when all I possess inside is emptiness. I may not share with them all my worries and disappointments in life but seeing there bubbly faces, hearing there laughters make me feel better and forget all the nega thoughts and feelings I had . .In a way, I'm glad that no matter were my friends are right now.We always have the connection and the feeling of belongingness . I know someday were gonna see each other again. Distance and differences will never be a reason to forget once friendship...(teary eye)...

Enough of these.."Iba talaga pag my sakit nagiging senti"..huhu ..lahat na ata nasa paligid ko emo..hai.. oh bakit..tanong ko sayo oh bakit?..hate this!..:(

Friendship Quotes

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cheap yet High Quality Eyeglasses

Does wearing eyeglasses would mean your getting older and your becoming a weirdo? hmm.. Definitely not it would only mean that your hot and stylish!Especially if you shop at, they offer high quality eyeglasses at a Lower Price.Does it sounds great? Want to know more about

Here it goes, sells Stylish Prescription Glasses Online from $8. You will find a huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. The Secret of there Low Prices is that they sell only there own manufactured frames direct to the customer, with no middlemen and virtually no advertising is the ultimate place for eyeglasses looks that you're surely love.

Let me give you some info's on how what to consider before buying an eyeglasses.According to Robert Krughoff, president of Consumers' Checkbook, found online at Checkbook .org.
"There is big price variation from outlet to outlet for exactly the same lenses and frames. Moreover, service at some low-cost suppliers was rated quite good, he said." One most important thing you must remember as a consumer is to relax. Inexpensive glassless pose no health risk to your eyes, it wont give you an eye infection or a total eye damage, though it will cause headaches if they are not fixed. Second you should consider comparison shopping, go online search for a quality yet affordable eye glasses. According to survey from 92,000 readers of Consumer Reports Magazine that the people receive the best service from their neighborhood optician or medical-center eye doctor.In general you should decide based on the PRICE, SERVICE, SELECTION and Speed of Delivery. got all the basis on what and where to buy eyeglasses.

Please read this for more info.,0,2050256

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I made it..

Whew! Remember my post "Diagnostic Skills for all AOV agents"...The goal for that exam is to standardize skills sets for each position and improve the level of service the company provides for the clients. For me, It was ended a horrible exam..waahh.. But want to know my result?


weeh.. so happy I made it!..Congratz to me!!hehe...I will keep up the good work!..tsk!...What makes me more happy and happy of course the salary increase! bwaaahhhh....hahah

P.S:My Warmest Congratulation to my fellow agents who also made it!..AJA! :)

USA Phone Numbers

I was looking for a site that allows me to look up USA phone numbers and veola I found this amazing site USA Phone Lookup it was a perfect place to go. The site has a huge database that includes every active phone numbers, land line or mobile. There simplicity and accuracy made them the NUMBER ONE online phonebook source available. You also have the option of searching for numbers by state, area code, city, or simply search by inserting the full phone number into the search box provided.

So stop wasting your time with endless search with no results. Let be your source of getting USA Phone Numbers!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Wala lang talaga akong makawa and wala rin akong maisip na update sa blog na ito... kaya Q and A nalang...haha.. I got this from a friend Hazel on my bulletin board sa friendster.... kung wala kayo magawa just copy the questions and feel free to answer..wheww..

Let's begin...

1)What is the hardest word for you to say?
♥ saying No and I'm sorry

2) What do you want to receive on your birthday?
♥ hug and kisses with flowers

3) Reach your hand out to the right. What do you touch?
♥ head set..hehe

4) What time did you sleep last night?
♥ @ work po ako last nyt 10 am na ako ng sleep :D

5) What's the wallpaper on your computer?
♥ the laking bear brand(AOV NS agents) team na ng champion sa basketball..weew

6) What can you hear besides the computer?
♥ my officemates - chatting ..hehe

7) What is your favorite line to say when bored?
♥ "kamingaw sa payag"

8) When was the last time tears started to roll down your cheek?
♥ hmmm last month I guess - argue with bf..paakkk

9) The last person you were on the phone with?
♥ Jan2x po :-)

10) What makes you frustrated?
♥ When I'm alone and got nothing to do.. hate it!

11) What song are you listening to?
♥ None @ this moment

12) Current mood?
♥ Bored but happy ...hmmm

13) Who will you turn to if you have problems?
♥ Depende sa probs :)

14)What's your favorite song at the moment?
♥ Your Always be my Baby - by: David Cook

15) What was the last song that kept ringing on your mind last night before you slept?
♥ I did not sleep last night.. before I sleep this mwning I guess wala akong na isip na song..hehe

16) What was the best event that happened last year?
♥ Best? I can't recall, Every event good or bad seems best for me..It always give me reason to live and to know more about life :d

17) Where have you been today?
♥ House-Office

18) Last thing you ate?
♥ Candy - Snow Bear

19) Who are you with ryt now?
♥ My officemates - ng sleep sila ky break time..hehe

21) Do you love sunsets?
♥ Yes I do, It reminds me of things I accomplish

23) What are your wishes for your birthday?
♥ Good Health, a Happy and contented life

24) Who do you wanna be w/ on the day of your birthday?
♥ Family and friends, Bf na rin :D

25) Have you ever felt that you've been taken for granted?
♥ Definitely! =(

26) Things you regret?
♥ None. I'm glad I've experience all those things(good or bad), it made me a better me :D

27) Is there anything else you want to do besides answering this survey?
♥ Yes. I wanted to watch the "Iisa pa lamang episode"..hehe

28) What do you hate most that people tell you?
♥ I'm childish (isip bata)..hehe.. well I guess it's true but I'm responsible though

29) Chocolate cake or brazo de mercedes?
♥ Both...haha

30) How do you feel right now?
♥ Bored but happy

31) What's your plan next week?
♥ hmmm.. nothing expect working :D

32) Missing someone?
♥ Yes- actually madami..

33) What's her/his role in your life?
♥ As I said madami, si special someone,si friend at sina parents..ngek

34) Have you hurt somebody in the past?
♥ maybe

35) The person who loves u most or the person u love most?
♥ me, my self and jan2x? toinks..hee

36) In a relationship, rebound, dating, flying solo, whatever?
♥ engage..waahhh.. toinks.. "in a relationship"

37) Interesting happened to you today?
♥ hmmm.. I guess ng jogging..haha..It means mag exercise na ako..tsk!

38) first text message you receive this am?
♥ hmmmm.. my officemate asking if nasa office paba ako..:D

39) did it make you smile?
♥ It made me wonder..haha

40) how did it affect you?
♥ blanko as in blank...hehe

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When September Ends

I know it was kinda late but I just wanted to share how my September 08 ends.

I file a vacation leave and lucky I since Oct.1 is a holiday so I have 3 days to sleep well, relax and chill...weeeh.. September 30 is my day.It was my 23rd birthday.. Gosh! I'm 23!..I'm getting older but no worry I'm always young @ heart..hahah..My day started just right. My friends, bf, family, relatives and officemates greeted me through text..weeh thanks a lot for remembering my day.. I felt so loved and cared by all of you...mmmwwhhh. I went to mass @ San Pedro Cathedral around 12 noon, then buy some food ate at the house with my cousin lanie and prepare for a small dinner with my family, bf and some friends. My day ended with a big smile on my face. It was just a simple day but it is worth remembering.. :)

looking and feeling wow @ 23..wahaha bleeh

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shop Online

Hey guys! Shop Online @ Online Shopper 101. They sell trendy, fashionable hot stuff in a low price ever like bags,tops,accessories and a lot more. Just feel free to visit and browse this site . Enjoy Shopping! :)