Friday, July 4, 2008

Prophecy ...

My officemate Joel send me this link about Mr. Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose scary prediction, about things that might happen now or in the near future to a certain place or a person, calamities, earthquakes and other related stuff. Hearing my officemate opinion about the article scares me, especially that he mention that the Philippines will get an 8.1 earthquake this July 18,2008 . hmmmmm..I'm hesitant to read the article but because of my curiosity I did. Ended it was scary but then faith in God is more important than believing in this kind of prediction. In a way it can be real but we must not forget that everything might happen now or in the future is in God's hand. Prayer is always still the best key in every problem we encounter. Thanks to Mr. Juseleeno, for his reminders. This is maybe a call to each and everyone of us that we should always be ready. It made me also realize that I must cherish each moment I have with my family, friends, love ones, officemates and even those people I don't know, cause we never know what lies ahead of us.

Read the article and be able to relate with me..;)