Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What tah day!

08-16-2008 Saturday..It started after our shift me and my officemates decided to ate breakfast. We ended up eating in a small "karendiria" along bonifacio st. beside UIC (my collge school). After eating we decided to hangout @ Jay's crib. His place is small but supeh clean plus he has his unique sense of style that make his place more pleasing ..yepheee... We wait till 11a.m then I went home to have some rest. Raquel,Majar,Jay,Mylene and Ya Erwin went to Gaisano Mall of Davao to watch " A Very Special Love ".weeehhhh

Here are some photos @ Jay's Crib :

5 pm my cousin wake me up. We will be going to Damosa to watch Auto Drift by PLDT my DSL. weeehh.. The show started 4 pm, we arrived around 7 pm..duh..hehe I though I could never witness those tricky moves..Luckily we catch on the last show of the night..perfect!...The show is awesome!... It is my first time to watch Auto Drift. It drive me crazy.. haha.. rock on...! Click Here to watch video on the event...

Here are some of our captured moments:

-me and cousin melai (@ the entrance)-

-as we watch the show w/coz melai and joy-

- pose2x after the show -

hmmm.. my day is not yet over..hehe..I have to separate ways w/ my cousins and go gimik with my college friends..weeeh... hazel and chai fetch me up @ Damosa. As usual, we don't have any idea were to go..what's new guys?!..haha... After a moment we decided to unwind @ rizal we watch the "calendar and bachelor show".. We reminisce old days again.. were a bit sad, cause we miss our other friends... we used to be 8 - 10 folks when we go out but now were only 3..huhu.. it is really sad.. but then we have to chill and enjoy the night ayt?..things are really changing now but were always be friends no matter what....hai..

-"tatak" sa entrace ..hee-

-blue margareta -shot na dai para igat!-
- our pulutan...yummmy - garlic chicken-

Guess what? were not yet done..hehe... I guess about 12 midnight when we decided to go to other place, we get bored with the show - "mas pretty pa kami sa mga calendar babes -wahaha..tsk!tsk!"... we first thought of going to "bakbak or idol" along tores but when we pass on the place is too crowded.. grrrr.. so to spend our last stop we went to "Nezz 4 Cafe" along autoshop. We have some coffee and chitchat till 2 am... "Opaw" one of our close friend went there to accompany us as well..

Chocomoccalate and French Fries (hmm im not sure if got right name of the coffee..hee)

-mah super friends (chai,hazel,and opaw)-

That's it! My day ended well..weeeh .. 3am Im hope na..hehe.. I'm a bit tired but so happy...Special thanks to hazel lou for the ride...geee


Chai said...

molit!! murag capuccinolate to sya.wahehehehe toinks!!

di pud ko sure. pero sure ko nga mas close ang ako tagna! ahaha.i had fun. mwuah!


jean said...

hi molit!

gisugo gud ko ni chai na e-visit imo place,, wala sya kabalo na permi man ko naga agi diri.. ahehehehe.. njoy au imong day noh?? kakainggit man ka ter..taz kaw pud te chai, practice-practice na ka ha.. hmm hehhehe

cge kip it up! mwah

Chai said...

hi molit!! hehe. i think capuccinolate to ang name sa coffee.wahehe. dili ko sure pero sure ko nga mas close ang ako guess kesa sa imoha.bleh! wahehe.

i had fun! mwuah.hehe

nagcomment naman ko gnina oi, wah man niepekto.hehe

-mOlit- said...

@chai - haha.. awayon oh.. bleehhh...whatever ang name sa coffee oi basta ang saya natin.. weeh.. luv u chai..

@jean- korek ka ter...wa siya knows na tge ka visit here..haha..uu enjoy ko anah na dai.. dugay naman gud ko wala na kalaag.. haha..char.. mmmwwwhh

ka bute said...

grabecious.. naglaway ako sa mga food ah. tsalap.

Jhamy whoops! said...

wow! bet you had a blast! blue margarita.. cool!!haven't seen one!! nagutom naman tuloy ako sa mga pagkain! hehehe =)

Princess Cinderella said...

hello dai...musta???dugay wala ko ka bisita oi na werla lang ko kadali...hahaha...wow graveh inyo gimik diri dai ha..ikaw na gyud...hehehe....kinsa ni si opaw mao ning bf ni chai nah gina tease ni jayson sa iyaha???bagay sila...ayaw saba kay chai ha...pssttt....peace chai...hehehe....e kumusta ko sa independent woman kuno nah si Jay...heheheh