Friday, December 19, 2008

Precious Moments

"The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. ~Elisabeth Foley".

Me and my friends are having different paths to pursue now a days.Unlike before almost everyday we meet up and see each other. Things changed since we graduated, so now every time i got a chance to spend time with them, I will surely grab that once in a while opportunity. Last December 6,2008 is the wedding of our dear friend Pearl, I use to call her TF as in "thick and fat"..hehe... Me, Hazel and Chai my bestbuddz decided to go to Koronodal City to attend the very special day of Pearl. This is one of her precious moment,she will only get married once in a life time so we will not miss the chance to witness her happiness.

Marbel here we come....

We arrive around 9am. We went directly to the hotel to fix our selves since the wedding will start 10 am. I 'am an instant bridesmaid because the niece of pearl back out. She called me up to replace his niece the day before the wedding..weeehhh.. so here we are after fixing our selves.


@ the church( the bride, instant bridesmaid, chai and hazel )

@ the reception with the bride

were tight....

Thing were not yet done, after the wedding we went to a resort to take some pictures, to bond and to be with nature. Since it's rare to do things like this so we make it sure that we spend it are our pictures.. crazy and bubbly...

weeeh the experience is perfectly great, I'm so happy and blessed to have them as my friends they were my precious treasures... hope to do the same things soon. more adventures gurls..hehe


selo said...


more adventures jud molit! nalingaw jud ko! super! asa npud kaha sunod!

luv yah dai.

Mharms said...

LIke you I love taking pictures with friends and family. It's a precious treasure.

ka bute said...

naks! bonding moments! (--,)