Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My fave scent

Hey guys, lets talk perfume or colognes and why do you love them. I just love to know what are your favorite scents, who knows that might be my Christmas gift to you. Its “ber” month now, the Christmas spirit is here. Here is my personal choice , I love the her bench deo body spray, my favorite is the “SO IN LOVE” scent. I simply love the smell it is very appealing and it feels like I'm always on the go. Every time I went to work I always spray it, it give me more energy and calmness. I also love the packaging of the scent, its trendy, simple,easy to carry and I so love the color, pink. So, common why not share your own favorite too :)


Leng said...

hi FC, my favourite perfume is "D&G Light Blue" hehe thanks ha Advance Merry Christmas.

-mOlit- said...

advance merry xmas fc.. :)

tammy said...

LOL... I love SO IN LOVE from BENCH too... pero gusto ko talaga ng Guess perfume.. huhuhuhu.. as innn... sana maka buy nako.. :)

-mOlit- said...

hehe.. expensive man yan tam oi..haha