Wednesday, October 20, 2010

20 Fun, Fearless Ideas to Help You Meet a Man

This is for all single women out their. I got this from cosmopolitan site. It's cute and you will surely enjoy it. You might see Mr. Right by this ideas.

1. Admire His Sense of Style
When you spot a looker, tell him "That shirt/jacket/sweater looks awesome on you." He probably spends some time picking his outfits on the weekends. Getting style props will give him a confidence boost and make him want to keep talking to you.

2. Join His Cheering Section
Hit a sports bar the next time a game is on. Wear a tee with the logo of the team you’re cheering for, and sit near a guy rooting for the same team. You can connect over your shared fandom.

3. Add Him to Your Photo Album
Ask a hot guy to take a photo while you’re out with friends. After he shoots, suggest he jump in. Look over the photos together, and get his e-mail address so you can send him the pictures.

4.Invite Him to Escort You
Tell a cutie on the street you’re lost, and ask him how to get somewhere (in the direction he’s heading). Ask if he’d walk you there. Then before saying bye, suggest you thank him with a cup of joe.

5. Make Him Your Target
If you have outdoor plans with friends, take a Nerf football. When a cute guy walks by, throw it at him—just don’t peg him in the head. When he brings it over, ask him to join the game.

6. Ask Him to Be Your Style Expert
Go to a men’s clothing store, and start browsing the racks near a cute guy. Flash him a smile, tell him you’re looking for a gift for your brother/cousin/dad, and ask if he’d help you pick something out.

7. Start a Convo Between Spin Cycles
The best thing about a cute guy in a Laundromat? He’s not going anywhere for a good hour. Pretend you’re out of detergent, and ask to borrow a cup. You’ll have a few spin cycles to chat…and find out if he’s a boxers man or a briefs man.

8. Pay Attention to Detail
When it comes to meeting men, it helps to have something specific to talk about. The next time you see a hot dude on the weekend, look for a clue to his personality before starting a conversation. For example, if he’s wearing a NASCAR cap, approach him with "I noticed your hat. Are you into racing?" It’s an opener that seems natural, not contrived. Plus, he’ll feel comfortable around you because you’re talking about something he really gets.

9. Take Him Out For a Drink
Order two different drinks at the bar. Take one over to a cute guy, tell him the bartender messed up your order, and ask him if he’d like it. Then use the opportunity to strike up a conversation.

10. Make Him Your Workout Buddy
Scope out a hottie at the gym. When he starts using a strength-training machine, ask to alternate reps with him. Compliment his triceps, then ask him to show you which exercises he does to keep so toned.

11. Write Him an I.O.U.
Is it just us or are hot waiters the new men in uniform? Next time you’re out for dinner with your girls, smile and make eye contact with a cute server. When the bill arrives, leave your number on the tip line and write that you owe him a drink.

12. Ask Him to Help With Your Necklace
When you spot a cutie, take off a necklace you’re wearing (make sure it has a clasp), go up to him, and tell him that you need help putting it back on. Sweep up your hair to reveal your neck, turn your head, and flash him a smile. While he fumbles around, say something like "I bet you didn’t think you’d be helping a girl get dressed tonight!"

13.Perform a Background Check
When you spot a sexy guy at a bar or lounge this weekend, don’t go up to him—approach his wingman instead. Pull his buddy aside and say "What’s the story on your friend? He’s hot." If he’s a good guy, he’ll be happy to oblige. Listen up as he gives you the inside scoop on his pal, then excuse yourself to use the restroom or buy a drink and let the wingman work his magic. Chances are, your flattered target will make his way into your territory.

14. Practice Safe Sun
When you’re at the beach or pool, claim a spot next to a cute guy and ask him if he has any sunscreen. If he seems into you, see if he could dot some on a hard-to-reach spot on your back.

15. Volunteer Your Time
Studies show that performing altruistic acts can make you more sexually attractive—all the more reason to put on your do-gooder pants. Check out opportunities at, and search your zip code to find a place to volunteer (and guy scope) near you. Once you're there, strike up a convo with a guy by asking how he heard about the organization and if he’s been involved for very long.

16. Ask Him to Unleash His Inner Emeril
Notice a cutie while shopping at a fancy food store? Lightly touch his shoulder and say "I’m working on a cheese platter for a little get-together at my place tonight. Any types you’d suggest?" Even if he’s not a connoisseur, he’s bound to have a few favorites. Keep the convo going by asking what he’s up to tonight.

17. Mistake His Identity
Tap a cute guy on the shoulder. When he turns, feign surprise and exclaim "I thought you were [insert random boy name]!" Then bond over the fact that you fake-know his back-of-head twin.

18. Show Some School Spirit
Stop a stranger with this line: "I’m sorry, you look so familiar. Did you go to [the name of your college]?" When he says no, ask him where he did go, then keep the conversation rolling from there.

19. Join His Team
At the beach or park with pals, find a spot near a group of guys playing soccer, Frisbee, or volleyball. After a few minutes, wander over and ask the hottest of the bunch if you can all join in.

20. Add Yourself to His 'Recent Calls' List
Pretend you can’t find your cell phone and ask a cute guy if he can help you out by calling your number. It’s a seamless convo starter and a sneaky way for you to give him your digits.