Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Seeking a Trustworthy Credit Repair Business

You find yourself in major trouble with your credit report and you need a trustworthy credit repair business agency that can help you out. But how do you find the right one?

The Internet is full of advertisements that promise fast, cheap, reliable ways to raise your credit score. Who do you choose, especially since there is such a lot of talk about fraudulent credit repair companies that work hard to cheat you out of your hard earned money, by exploiting your hapless condition.

Fortunately, there are ways to identify which companies are honest and which are not. Here are five factors that should tell whether the company you choose is the right one.

1. A Trustworthy Credit Repair Business Will Talk Before Charging You A Fee

Counseling is a valuable service that a credit repair agency offers. A reputed and qualitative credit repair agency will help you explore your options before they agree to take you in as a customer. They would help you understand about credit reports, how you can improve your credit score, how to avoid falling into bad credit traps and so on. In other words, they will become your mentors, not just service providers.

2. A Legitimate Credit Repair Business Is Up-Front About Their Fees

There are no hidden costs with a legitimate business. They will state upfront how much is required for what type of services, and you know exactly where you stand with them. The shady ones advertise extremely low costs and then add additional fees as you progress with the work.

Very often they use unfair and illegal means to show sudden improvement in your credit report, which to a client whose finances are in the gutter could look like just the thing they need! Run away from such situations as they will make your problems worse than ever.

3. An Upright Credit Repair Business Will Have Outstanding Reviews On The Net

Search the Internet for the name of the credit repair agency in question and the words "scam" or "fraud". What are the results? Do you get positive reports or are you suddenly flooded by negative reports and complaints from hundreds cheated customers?

Make a thorough evaluation and make your decision accordingly. If this company uses shady means to repair bad credit or improve a credit score, you will definitely get an inkling about it on the Net.

4. A Trustworthy Credit Repair Business Will "Under-Promise" And "Over-Deliver"

You will outrageous promises advertised exclusively by less than legitimate organizations. The legitimate ones do not oversell any drastic tactics or results[/V]do not make unrealistic promises, simply because these are not possible within the legal framework. If you think your credit score will skyrocket a few hundred points overnight, know that this is just not realistic. Eliminating bad credit, building positive feedback, and improving your credit score is hard and time-taking work.

5. A Legitimate Credit Repair Business Will Be Affiliated With a Regulatory Organization

This is a very critical point that never fails to separate the false from the right business agencies. A legitimate agency will be affiliated with reputed national and international level regulatory bodies. This means that whether they repair bad credit or help raising your credit score, they will do so according to a pre-set, legal and ethical code of conduct.