Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'm not feeling well these past few days till now , due to my hard cough and running nose + toothache..huhu.. feeling uneasy and uncomfortable in doing anything. I hate these mess.. I wanted to get well and back my life to normal..but can't force things the way I wanted to so I guess I have no choice but to face it..:( ..Being in these sh**ness made feel "emo" and lazy.. I don't wanna work or do my task, I just wanted to do nothing..haha... too bad...

Heart-Ache Quotes

the above quote made me more "emo"..huhu.. I do remember old days.. Especially when I read my friend hazel lou's blog then see the video clip she made for us...huhu.. I came to realize how much I miss my friends especially in times like this,when all I possess inside is emptiness. I may not share with them all my worries and disappointments in life but seeing there bubbly faces, hearing there laughters make me feel better and forget all the nega thoughts and feelings I had . .In a way, I'm glad that no matter were my friends are right now.We always have the connection and the feeling of belongingness . I know someday were gonna see each other again. Distance and differences will never be a reason to forget once friendship...(teary eye)...

Enough of these.."Iba talaga pag my sakit nagiging senti"..huhu ..lahat na ata nasa paligid ko emo..hai.. oh bakit..tanong ko sayo oh bakit?..hate this!..:(

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selo said...

dai miss u. cge lang dai, pag emo lang dira. daghan nata. hehe kita kita napud ta ha. office na sila. duol namo. yehey.

-mOlit- said...

lagi dai duol na laagan..yepeehh..hehe... mis u 2 dai