Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When September Ends

I know it was kinda late but I just wanted to share how my September 08 ends.

I file a vacation leave and lucky I since Oct.1 is a holiday so I have 3 days to sleep well, relax and chill...weeeh.. September 30 is my day.It was my 23rd birthday.. Gosh! I'm 23!..I'm getting older but no worry I'm always young @ heart..hahah..My day started just right. My friends, bf, family, relatives and officemates greeted me through text..weeh thanks a lot for remembering my day.. I felt so loved and cared by all of you...mmmwwhhh. I went to mass @ San Pedro Cathedral around 12 noon, then buy some food ate at the house with my cousin lanie and prepare for a small dinner with my family, bf and some friends. My day ended with a big smile on my face. It was just a simple day but it is worth remembering.. :)

looking and feeling wow @ 23..wahaha bleeh


ka bute said...

uy, belated. pa-cheeseburger k naman. hehehe. young 23. :)

-mOlit- said...

@ ka bute - weeh thanks.. yup2x always young @ HEART.. tsk.tsk

jigs said...

hello, haberday molit. wa man ka nagimbita oi! sayang nag dala unta kog silingan og kabataang baranggay. ahahaha. congrats! tiguwang na daw xa ahahaha!

-mOlit- said...

@ Jigs - ngeh bata paku oi..hehe.. lamat sa pag congrtz jigs..hehe..

MarlyMS said...

oh belated Happy Birthday Molit!!! Asa man ang late blow out??? hehehe

jean said...

hapi blated bday lit! sensya na wala jud ko naka grit..ehehe wala man ko kabalo uie..


-mOlit- said...

@ jean.. hehe.. salamat sa greeting :) amping pud kaw always :D

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