Friday, May 22, 2009

Easy Living

In today's world everything seems easy and comfortable as long as you have an Internet connection at home or at your office. It is more efficient to pay your bills through Internet. E-billing is of the easiest way to pay bills for your legal operations. You can connect with all of your law firms and ensure that your vendors deliver the value you contracted. Analyze spend and optimize resources. This is also to eliminates the expenses and inconveniences that law firms associate with other electronic invoicing solutions .

The TeamConnect Litigation Hold makes it easy to identify relevant content from large ESI repositories, sequester it, render its use and circulation auditable, and provide speedy response to litigation evidence requests. The manage the entire litigation hold process from identifying where relevant information resides, to issuing hold orders and tracking custodians, responses, amendments, documents, and hold status right up to the release of the hold.

The TeamConnect also has the Legal Matter Management automation system that helps you achieve collaborative accountability within legal operations while managing that function to business performance objectives. They provides you with direct access to meaningful information in management, regulatory and operational reports. Financial and performance reports deliver critical information on outside counsel costs, law firm performance, and win-loss ratio. Everything now seems more easier and convenient through this newly create systems.