Wednesday, May 13, 2009


1. Does it matter to you if your
boyfriend or girlfriend smokes?
[♥] Yes before, pero bf ko now smoke eh.. love is not blind it sees but it never minds..nyahaha

2. How about drinking?
[♥] Ok lang basta not too much

3. Do you want someone you cant have?
[♥] Yes (mom and dad nasa heaven na (sob))

4. If someone liked you right now,
would you want them to tell you?
[♥]Sila nay bahala... ma miminaw lang ko sa ilang eh tell..nyahaha

5. Whats your favorite sport?
[♥] Badminton

6. Its Saturday night, you're home
alone.. what do you do?
[♥] Sleep

8. Can you do the splits?
[♥] nope

9. Do you like roller coasters?
[♥]Yes I do, pero never got a chance to ride

10. When's the perfect time to have a
[♥] No perfect time, if you feel the magic, the spark then thats it..

11. If you could date any celebrity,
who would it be?
[♥] Chito Miranda as always

12. Whats your favorite band?
[♥] Parokya ni Edgar

13. What are you doing this weekend?
[♥] Ma miesta..hihi

14. Whats your favorite restaurant?
[♥] i don't have a fave resto

15. Do you usually fall for the right
or wrong girl/boy?
[♥] Right

16. Have you ever hugged someone?
[♥] Ofcourse

17. Ever kissed someone you weren't
attracted to?
[♥] i haven't and i won't

18. Do you like anyone right now?
[♥] yes

21. What is the first thing you notice
about the opposite sex?
[♥] eyes

23. Which do you prefer, beach or the
[♥] Beach

24. What kind of phone do you have?
[♥] 6300

26. Computer or laptop?
[♥] pwede both?

27. What is your favorite store?
[♥] ala eh

28. Jeans or sweats?
[♥] Jeans

29. Which year has been the best so
[♥] i dunno

30. How old are you gonna be on your
next birthday?
[♥] 24

31. What should you be doing right now?

32. What is your favorite tv show?
[♥] for now hot shot, dapat ba kitang mahalin, matang lawin

33. What's been your last purchase?
[♥] Slipper

34. Are you attracted to girls/boy
that smoke?
[♥] no, no, no

35. Would you want a chill laid back
gf/bf or a party animal?
[♥] chill laid back

36. Have you ever fallen on your butt
in front of a crowd of people?
[♥] i don't think so

37. Explain your dream car:
[♥] explain zud... oi...sunod nlang ko mag explain basta kanang pang family..

38. What do you do when you're at home?
[♥] Sleep

39. Whats your favorite subject?
[♥]meron ba?

40. What's the best thing that happened
to you?
[♥] hmm... i can't say which is the best super daming blessings sakin si Lord marami pang mangyayari. thankful ako salahat.