Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cheat Day

Last Friday is a Holiday! weehh.. It was Independence day! No work so it means, its time to "laag" ..hehe.. After our shift we ate breakfast at Chowking. Me and Tammy is on diet. We have a deal that we should not take more 1000 kal per dai for a weeek or two.. we also agreed that Saturday is our cheat day, that means that we can eat more 1000 kal per day... So its friday, so hindi pa cheat day.. But temptation is on our way..huhu.. after breakfast. We ended up eating again at Mc Donald's Victoria.Oh my God!... sarap talaga kumain eh.. So ang ending ng diet drama kahit hindi pa Saturday cheat day na..waaaahhhhh... Hindi parin dyan nag tatapos ang lahat..toinks!! our last stop is @ yellow cab damosa...OMG!!What a yummy cheat day! hihi

Proof :

wala nay coke!!!

so yummy!!

going to yellow cab..sarap!!


i-am-tammy said...

hahahha... cheat day na chat day;) hahaha... apir partner..:))