Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Si Inday at ang Bading

Super nosebleed ako when I read it.. common text jowk.. pero super natawa ako...ug mag dugo2x zud ka..sungo kaayo...nyahaha

Got this from my elementry friend- Marife...

Inday may nakabanggang bading:

Inday: How dare you ignorant road occupant, moving with such acceleration that cause elastic collision between my porcelain beuty and your grubby apperancy of skin!

Bading: Bombalesh kang muchacha ka! kenshulares mo makemer ang skin kong beuty! Never mo matorbokels ang feslak ketch kung ayaw mer makondrak kita. Hala Chupi!

Inday:( Nosebleed!!)


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