Wednesday, November 18, 2009


What I been doing for these past days and up coming events...hehe

It's been a while since I updated the things that happen in my life and future plans..

Well, well, well....

--- I'm still working hard to earn a living.. charing..

--- Nothing much change for the past days. I guess one major changes is my hair. Goodbye to my wavy chakaness hair and welcome to my straight the natural hair..hehe.. Thanks to hairs and nails for my new hair. I super love it!

--- I'm still struggling not to gain weight..pero sarap talaga kumain eh...huhu..

--- Happy and still going strong with Jan2x.weeehh

--- A week ago just meet up with my college friends, welcome home dinner to our dear friend Mae Ann. It was fun and busog night.

--- Next week I will be going home.. Trip to Bohol.. I'm super excited!hmmm

--- Hopefully early next yr makabalik nku sa gym...huhu

--- To sum it up kahit super dami ng obstacle sa buhay ko at hirap mag hanap ng pera..hehe... I'm happy and contented.. I'm blessed at nakakaraus naman sa everyday...

Sa next update ulit.. mwwhhh


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