Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Weehhh.. Its been a month na wala na rin akong update dito...hehe Sorry folks, busy lang ko saku career.. but Im back on track now..I got back from my trip to bohol, it was short but I really enjoy my stay.. If given a chance I would stay longer but I need to go back to work..hahai.. I must say there's no place like home... Last week we celebrate our Christmas party. It was a success and I really enjoy it...weeeehh.. The preparation was so stressful but it ended well.. Next year ulit hah.. Sa mga ka grupo ko "The 20's a.k.a budots" thanks for the memories..haha... nalingaw ko...weeehhhhh

Christmas is on the air, the cold weather and the mall wide sales.. The problem is no budget...nyahaha...

Happy Shopping to all and have a Merry Christmas :)