Thursday, January 28, 2010


I know its too late but I just want to welcome 2010...Weeh..I must say Goodbye to 2009. So many things happened and all of them will made me a better me this 2010. I experience different kind of emotions, I gain lots of friends and knew some ways on how to take life. I know for a fact that life is not easy to take, you will undergo lots of difficulties, disappointments and heartaches. What I've learned is to take life lightly just enjoy every moment either your happy or sad. Simply be happy with everything you have. Life is too short to waste it in unpleasant way. So this 2010 I will carry on. I will try to take things the way it should be. When its time to cry, then cry for a moment then don't forget to laugh at the end of the day. Failure is part of being alive to take it in a positive way. One thing I truly learn its better to do my best than to be the best. Live on! WELCOME 2010.. GOOD LUCK to all our endeavors! Don't forget to thank GOD for everything. AJA