Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Earn From Blogging

I really wanted to earned some extra cash. I found out that blogging is a great source of extra income. I search over the net where to find sites to submit my blog and earned revenue. Happy to say that I found this new site called YouSayToo it is an innovative bloggers revenue sharing community where you can create your own blogs, upload flash games, start discussions and make revenue using Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate.

What make it different from other social blogging sites is that its capabilities include an “Add Your Blog” feature which allows you to centralize all of your existing blogs to one site. You can have an adsense revenue sharing and Amazon affiliate.

What excite me most is that you can go to their Pinoy 24 tv and you can see the latest tv shows. You can catch up your favorite pinoy shows and be updated on what is happening in your favorite drama serye 24/7. This is really cool! Here you will be updated on the latest entertainment news and gossip all over the world. Just like Jessica Simpson Breast Implants and more related topics.

YouSayToo is a great place for people interested in gaming. The site features an add game applications that lets bloggers upload free flash games to their YouSayToo account. Flash games are perfect for making revenue as they are very easy to upload and millions of people search for them every day. Pick your favorite flash games, write cool reviews and upload them. Share your flash games blog with your friends, fans and make revenue. So join now and get some extra fun, friends and $.