Wednesday, January 23, 2008

☺ Hapiness is a choice ☺

Being happy is our own personal choice...In our venture in life we come up with different choices ... Choices that could make us feel all kinds of emotions (happy,sad,angry,etc.) ... As I go through my own personal choice I slowly understand what is meant by happiness for me...

Happiness for me is something from within..♥.. It is something money can't buy... Simple things could make me happy, like seeing a baby smile, its "mababaw" but really it makes my heart jump because of joy... Sobrang daming things in this world that is simple but then it makes a different... mababaw lang talaga akong tao... madaling patawanin, a simple joke is enough to light up my day... Simpleng "musta kana" from a friend is a big thing for me... makita ko lang mosquito net ko when i'm about to sleep happy na ako...hahai...sobrang nag eh enjoy na ako when i hear my message alert tone cause i know someone remembers me nanaman... No matter how simple things are when it comes from a true and real heart... Things will end up with real happiness and contentment... Be Simple and Be Happy... Remember that being a happy is choice...☺☺☺