Saturday, January 5, 2008

knOwing me part 2...

1.Are you good at hiding your

2.How can we tell that you're
already irritated ?
* if i never talk to u or im ignoring u

3.How do you treat the person that
obviously doesn't like you?
* wala lang ... deadMa...

4.what usually ruins your mood?
*plastic and maArte...

5.who do you see everyday that you
wish you just wouldn't at all?
*hhmmm.. so faR ala mAn...

6 . When was the last time that you
had a good cry?
*last xMas...chUpPER.. often do you shop for clothes?
* once every 3 months?...d pud ko

8.Who's your long-time crush?
* si daNny I..

9. someone you just had a crush on?
* nOpe... you have something that you
wish you just dont?
* nOh... Im so Much thaNkfuL w/ what i
have.. its all a blessing from GOD..

11. Do you crave for
something that isn't there?
* naH..dvd player w/ tv tuner...hhehe

12.Do you wish to live in a faraway
land where nobody knows you?
* vaCatiOn laNg gurO... dilI mag stay

13. Have you kissed a total stranger?
* noH..ew...!!.

14. What do you want to do at this
very moment?
* sleep!...sleep....zZZZzzz

15. The worst feeling?
* nevermiNd...

16. How about the best?
* every wakIng days of mah life...~_~

17. Ever given your number to someone
you dislike?
* yah... just beIng nice..

18.What will yOu say to the one
reading this?
* matsaLam...God Bless..

19 .What/Who do you need right now?
* my mosquitonet and teddyjan2x, para
ready to sleep na..

20.Happy with ur lyf?
* yah... despite being huRt and all
the problems i haD.. life RocKs...