Saturday, January 5, 2008

knOwing me part 3...

36 SecRets aboUt ME

[One] Who was your last text from?

[Two] Where was your primary picture
** my parents tomb @ itUm duero bohol

[Three] What's your middle initial?

[Four] Your current relationship
**2 yrs in the
makinG...hehe..hopefully ever na..

[Five] Does your crush(s) like you
**hmmm..i dOn't think sO..

[Six] What is your current mood?
**craVing for more sLeep...waahhh

[Seven] What's your moms name?

[Eight] What color shirt are you
** bLue...

[Nine] What was the last thing you

[Ten] If you could go back in time and
change something, would you?
** no regrets... everyhiNg happen for
its own good reaSon..

[Eleven] Have a crazy side?

** ofcOurse..tOinks..

[Twelve] Favorite song?
** power of two by aiza

[Thirteen] Something you do a lot?
** sLeep..heheh

[Fourteen] Angry at anyone?
** noH..

[Fifteen] Do you wanna see somebody
right now?
** nOh.. the next couple of days

[Sixteen] Name someone with the same
birthday as you?
** si aireen my highskul fwend

[Seventeen] When was the last time you
** last xMas..wahhTTah

[Eighteen] Who would you do anything
** my family, fwends and jan2x...

[Nineteen] Who is your idol?
** GOD

[Twenty] What's the first thing you
notice about the opposite sex?
**body and nails,,,(kung payat bah ug hugaw ba ug nails..)..hihi

[Twenty-one] What do you usually order
from starbucks?
**iGnoy ko anang starBucks...haha

[Twenty-two] What's your biggest
** secreto para biBO...

[Twenty-three] Where is your ex?
** nasa ilaNG baLay,,,heheh

[Twenty-four] Favorite movie?
**a walk to remember

[Twenty-five] Do you still watch kiddy
movies or tv shows?
**yep..yep...tOm and jerrY...

[Twenty-six] What are you eating or
drinking at the moment?
** none

[Twenty-seven] Do you speak any other
** english...Filipino

[Twenty-eight] Whats your favorite
** NothIng in partIcular... but i love
to smell my kilikili...hahah..toinks..

[Twenty-nine] Describe your life in
one word, what would it be?
** rOlerCoastEr

[Thirty] Do you like the rain?
** sOmetiMes..

[Thirty-one] What are you thinking
about right now?
** Hmmm...hope mag pa ramdam na ako

[Thirty-two] What should you be
** wOrkiNG,,,

[Thirty-threei] Do you like working in
the yard?
** yaH...UsahAy,..

[Thirty-four] Do you act differently
around the person you like?
** hIndi oi... ma ulaw man sad

[Thirty-five] What is your natural
hair color?

[Thirty - six] Who was the last person to
make you smile?
** jan2x