Wednesday, February 27, 2008

happy moments w/ new colleague

It's been 2 months and 6 days (to be exact), that I decided to quit my last job (hype assistant sales admin/encoder) and start a new career as virtual assistant @ EVERSUN. Adjusting in my new field is easier for me since amie and tuapoypanda(joy) my college friends is also working on the same company. Its quit simple for me to find new colleague and hangout w/ them.

For almost 4 weeks now, every saturday after our shift Me,Raquel,Lyra,Gemini,Jocel,Te Tess,Maylene,Joel and Jay (at times)we played badminton just to take away stress and to get sweat..hehe..;) Here are some proof: w/ Raquel.. go gUrl..☺

Last satuday feb.23, the group decided to went out to get relaxed, unwind and chill. We met at around 8pm @ idol. Then start drinking some alcohol..nyahah...We stayed their until 4 am then went to Kusina dabaw to eat some lumi...yummy...

this is our happy moments together from left: Raquel,Lyra,Leo,Me and Ale. second photo ( Te tess, Mic and Leo)

those are just some moments w/ my new found friends watch out for more gimik's and bondings...;)

It's nice to know that I found new piece of me that would be worth to keep. I know that friends come and go but I'm happy that for now I got all of you...;)


Raqski said...

hello gurl! ako na sad first nag comment.. hehehe

mag comment ko gurl for a simple reason nga naa akong nawong sa post.. hahaha.. ana jud na gurl naa jud tym na kelangan ta mag hapi2 basta dapat kabalo lang ta unsa atong mga limitations diba?

thanks for being a frend gurl.. badminton day na sad nato dis saturday and excited nako mangukay with merryjhey.. hmmm picture2 na sad ko ana gurl para pang blog na sad..

always pray to God gurl.. and God Bless you always!