Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Tatay...

Today is the birthday of my dearest tatay... His with God for almost 11 yrs now..(sigh)... I miss him a lot, his smile, his jokes, his hugs, his kisses, his sweet voice, his bouncing tummy..(huhu..) I miss everything about him...He may not w/ me physically but his always in my heart ♥...He will always remain special ... I'm so blessed to have him as my father... No words can define how good he is... I know his happy right now of course his w/ nanay and GOD so I guess their will be no reasons for him not be happy...☺ Tay, stayput kalang dyan... hehe.. Take care of nanay and watch over us too...Till we meet again... I love u so much...Happy Birthday!

Today also is the surgery of my pamangkin Al Janrie (2 months old)... Hoping he would have a successful operation and he would have a fast recovery.. May God help him...

hmm, another thing happy 2 yrs and 1 month to our relationship jan... hoping GOD would keep us together always...thanks for the love... i love u mahalko... missing u too...☺


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