Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hu U?

Name: John Russell Taojo
A.k.a: Payat
I use to call him luv,mahalko,bhe, bbyko but when I get mad I call him "hu u".. weeeh ana ko ka sweet...hahah....

Anyway, Just wanna great him a HAPPY2x BIRTHDAY! This is for you bhe!..weeeh...I will always thank God for having you in my life. You thought me the greatest lesson I should ever learn - how to love and to be loved in return - with all the trials, misunderstanding, breaking up moods - thank you for holding on and not letting me go..weehh.. drama nah...

" You will always be my baby" and "I'd rather had a bad times with you than good times with some one else"...hehe.. kanta diay naku na for him..wahaha...

Happy BEERDAY Bhe..luv u po... c yah later..mmwwwhhh :)


Tes said...

Halu Molitong.. charing! in lab kaayo.. ahehehehe.. musta naman mo? cge japon mo eat? miss na nako mag eat out with you guys.. hehehe busy kayo ko sa kong life... char! regards sa tanan..

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