Friday, September 5, 2008

UIC Intramurals 2008

I been to UIC my alma mater last Wednesday September 1,2008, to watch Dance Olympics. It is one of the major events of the Intramurals and I guess I miss going to my campus as well. So I grab the opportunity to watch the event with my officemates and fellow UICians Raquel, Mimot and Cliff. We arrive about 7 pm, and the show has been started. Dance Olympics is a contest that everyone is waiting for, it is fun and it showcase the dancing talents of the students, every department must have a representatives from Modern Dance, Folk Dance and Latin Dance. I'm proud to say that my Department ITE is always the best..haha.. love my or lose ASTIG to be part of ITE Department..haha... I saw my college teachers, schoolmates and classmates who are now part of the faculty team..weeh.. It's been 2 yrs since I graduated and things really are changing..from the teachers, the campus and the students. Medyo HighTech na sila..charing!..haha... I'm always happy to be part of UIC and ITE..mwh

See photos below:

ITE Department on Modern Dance

ITE Department on Folk Dance

Latin Dance

Me, Raquel and Miemot - Audience!hehe


Anonymous said...

sayanga oi..uban tana ko. huhuhu

MarlyMS said...

Intrams are fun and enjoyable. I remember when I was still in high school, I used to participate in the cheering competition :)