Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is 8!

8 random things you may or may not know about me =)) Thank you so much Ronald and Amor for this Tag. Love it!

This is 8 ;)

♥ I was a super fan of Danny Ildefonso a.k.a Danny I or The Demolition Man of San Miguel Beerman in PBA - that is the reason why my favorate number is 10...

♥ At the age of 12 I've learned to live life alone. March 7,1997- my father died due to high blood six months later it was Oct. 11,1997 my mother died with the same reason.:( that was the most painful days of my life.It was hopeless and the weird thing is you really can't feel anything, it maybe because of too much pain. But as I always believe "everything happens for a reason"...

♥ Im crazy over Parokya ni Edgar lead vocalist "Chito Miranda"..waaahhh.. I was even dreaming of becoming her wife..waaahhh..(crazy zud!hindi masamang mangarap..haha)... love his being "payat" and "chinito look". Friends say's that my boyfriend looks like him..hehe

♥ I got my name "MOLIT" from my parents first names Moises and Warlita..weehhh.. I have 5 siblings but as a youngest they give the best name ever..waahhh.. yaw nlang palag hah..=))

♥ My family and friends use to call me "tong" short for "Molitong", "lang" short for "palangga" ,"ling" short for "moling" and "bunso"..those were actually my nicknames..hehe...

♥ After 12 years, I still hope that one day I will be able to hug my "Tatay and Nanay" and tell them how much I love and Miss them..hahai

♥ I wish to have twins someday!weeehhh a boy and a girl :)

♥ Despite all the misery, I'm blessed. I have a loving siblings who took care of me and send me to school for me to ensure a good life, as what they always say "never kaming pinabayaan ni Nanay at Tatay so kung paano nila kami inalagaan we would do the same thing with you". I have my relatives "tita's,tito's and couzins" who fill in the emptiness I felt. I have my friends who always back me up every time I'm in trouble and I'm blessed because I have "Him" my "God" who always protect and guide me all the days of my life! ;)

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jean said...

tnx for the tagged..

naa na sad ko ani... ako nlng e-update.

Lemon said...

wow tnx molit sa pag tag, ulaw man sad ta ani uy hehe. don't worry magpost pod ko ani kng medyo dli nko busy ^_^ wonderful kaau ang 8 random facts about sa imo although some are sad pero ok lng na, that's life & it makes you a strong person ;)

you rock \m/

MarlyMS said...

tnx for hopping in my blog..hope ur having a great day today. will work on d tag.

-mOlit- said...

@ Jean - sure salamat jean..mmwhhh

@ lemon - thanks hah.. yah your right it really made me a strong rock \m/

@marlyn - thank you.. have a great day also :)

theroyalspeaker- aldwin said...


I have added you! :D


James Roy Labrador said...

wala na c danny I oi .. retire na kay tigs na hehehee