Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ibiza Island

One of my wildest dream is to travel around the world. Meeting new people, knowing different culture and seeing lovely spots. Ibiza Island is one of the places I want to visit someday. It is located off the East coast of Spain in the 'Balearic Islands' next to Mallorca and Menorca. It is the perfect place for clubbers, holidaymakers and seasonal workers flood its shores during summer. I love ibiza because of there culture it has carved out its own unique culture based on its cultural heritage and more importantly its world beating club scene. They have this so called Ibiza club culture, it has a rave like vibe where people are for the most part given the freedom to do and dress as they wish providing they don't intrude on other clubbers also out to have a good time. Is in it awesome? hmmm wish I could be there soon.hai :)


ka bute said...

ako pangarap kong makapunta sa prague *sigh* makapunta nga bukas. wahahaha.

-mOlit- said...

@ kabuti..heheh... salamat sa visit :)