Tuesday, November 18, 2008

True Confession

Friday Night,I chatted with my friend let's name him chimpanzee, primate or better yet "opaw"..haha..peace.. He told me that we should meet the next day, together with my other girl friends, cause he wanted to tell us something. Something he would confess. Though I really don't know if I would believe him,but since I consider him as one of my best friends, I would come and listen whatever he would tell us.
We meet @ Ness 74 Cafe, around 3pm. Hazel and Chai were late.. hmmm... what's new? haha.. So the confession of "opaw" started. Guess what he tell us?...hmmm?...He told us He will now soon become a "Father". Yes! You read it right , "Daddy na gyud siya soon!, Daddy Opaw". He was telling us that we should call him "Daddy Opaw" few weeks ago, but that was just a joke. Right now, It was really confirm that his gonna be a Dad soon.. He was quite confuse of his feeling @ this moment but I know and I hope that sooner or later things would be better. It might not be the right time, but things always happen for a reason. No matter what decision you made dude, you know were just here for yah.. We will always be your friends.. He also confess that, he and one of our friend would stop seeing or communicating each other, because of some personal reason. I don't want to elaborate this, it was really sad for me, why it need to happen, both have no choice and I guess It is the best thing to do. It touches me,when you said that you would take all the responsibility cause if time would come then same situation happen to us, you can't bare the pain if the guy would not take responsible of what happen for any cause. Now I realize na "Palanga zud diay me nimo"..hehe...The lyrics you send me last night remind me of you and the friendship we all had:

Till We Die

Our friends
Are all hurting
From moments a
And regrets
And charity
Laced with a lie
Still we keep hoping
To fix all the defects
And strengthen
These seminal times
We go on together
For better or worse
Our history
Is to real to hate
Now and forever
We stay until morning
And promise to fight
For our fate

Til we die
Til we die

The start of a journey
Is every bit worth it
I can't let you
Down anymore
The sky
Is still clearing
We're never afraid
And the consciences
Opens the door
I never stopped trying
I never stopped
Feeling like family
Is much more than blood
Don't go on without me
The piece
That I represent
Compliments each
And everyone

Til we die
Til we die

We won't be forgotten
We'll never give in
This war we've achieved
Has allowed us to win

Til we die
Til we die

My last true confession
Will open your eyes
I've never known
Trust like the night
Let it be spoken
Let it be screamed
They'll never ever
Take us alive

Carry on
Carry on

(We'll never be broken
We won't be denied)
(Our war is the present
We need to deny)

I know that things would not be the same us before, since you have a bigger responsibility now.. Just always remember the group hug!... the hug before we separate ways last Saturday..Were soon be "Kumpare and Kumare" ..hehe... just remember these faces..hehe.. CONGRATZ DUDE!
"Ayaw pang pa miss kayo hah...kikita japon ta..hehe.. hope maka join zud ka sa wedding ni TF hah"..hehe


Chai said...

pati ikaw molit niconfess!! haha. sad molit noh? mas sad pa sa ilaha.hehe. bahala sila! basta kitang duha magkita gihapon ta.waaaa unsaon nalang! hehe. maayo imong pagkasulti molit.hehe.

nice ang pictures pagka arrange.

nice ang lyric sa song.


jean said...

congratz sa imong friend lit..aheheh

hazel said...

nindo molit ang ato pic..

miss u na dai. pacenxa n kay niuli ko daun, unsaon nlng ang bangladesh. gipaningot gud ko. hehe

kita kita na pud ta next. txt ah sa kasal ni tf.hehe mwah.. luv u.

-mOlit- said...

@ chai..ge sulti lang pud naku ako ge bati..charing.. oo oi.. magkita zud ta... na unsa na...saun nlang.. makahubog na byang Cali karon..hahah...

@ Jean... salamat sa pang congrtaz

@ hazel.. uu dai.. txt2x ta sa kasal neh TF.. hehe.. adti zud ta hah... uu kasabot ko sa imong na feel dai, tong adlawa.. nakita gyud naku na ge singot ka..hehe.. luvs yah 2 dai..mmwhh

mimot said...

ha?! nakuratan ko sa post dai.. hala oi this is it. kinsa napud sunod dai? hala oi. nanguna naman mo oi. everytime naay ana na balita ba mashock2 jud ko kay wa man sa mga nawong oi gakiat rajud ba noh. wala najud mi nagkita ni upaw labaw na karon dai mulakaw nako huhu...bsta mag despedida party ta ani puhon...

panguna namo oi hehe. ikaw dai nus-a man? ahikhik... hinay2 lang mga vayetssss ha hehehe.. kung muabot man ingni ko kay pasalubong daun hehehe...

congrats nalng kay upaw di njud ni kakiat si upaw ba hehehe..

kita kits sa inyong tanan century tuna nata wa nagkita hehe :D

ORTIZYANG!!! ang payong pastilan nagkia na akong ate hihihihi. mgkita rata puhon takes2 lang hehe... pahulay dai ha... hehehe

kadto lang baw :D

-mOlit- said...

@mimot.. lage dai.. maka kurat.. bahala na sila oi.. paunaha lang na sila!!pastilan!!..hehe. ayo2x sa imong journey... hopefully magkita2x ta puhon :d

dr_alsabaso said...

Hi TABA! hehehe lagi ako pud nakuratan.. anyway thanks sa tanan-tanan.. and God Bless to all. rOck'n roll!! \m/ -alsabaso