Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Virtual Baby

Yesterday my officemate Lyra shares with me this amazing site RoutanBabyMaker3000 . This tool generate a baby picture. In just a minute you will have an instant baby. weehh.. Simply upload your picture and your hubby's picture or anyone you want to pair with, then that's it. It is real fun and cute.

Here are our babies...hehe

this one looks more like me? the eyes..what yah think?

this one looks more like him?hmmm... agree??

this one looks more? gee..I guys tell me if his more like me or his dad..weeeh..

P.S. Just click the pictures if you want to create your own baby..


Chai said...

gusto naka magka-baby molit?

sumbaganay ta?

imong look alike baby kay seductive kaayo. pagawas gawas ang dila.waaaaa

tara laag ta?!

-mOlit- said...

@ chai virtual nlang gani ko chai.. kay dili saku anang real..hehe..

dili ko mo sukol nimo chai.. basta ikaw kurog ko..hihi...

laag ta puhon.. c yah soon :d