Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chai's Bday

Chai is one of the person I can always count on. She is on of the best friend I ever had in my journey. She celebrated her birthday last January 08. We did not celebrate that day since she's still dizzy with her trip from Surigao(her home town), Am I right chai?..hehe. A week after then she decided to treat us. A dinner together with our other buddies. As usual me and Hazel Lou are present, i guess for now were the super active friends who goes everywhere every time one of our buddies ask to hangout..weeehhh...our other friends are not available dunno why maybe because they are busy? had a date? no more time for us? or maybe they don't like to hang out anymore with us...hahaha.. whatever the reasons they had friends will always be friends...char!..anyway we ate our dinner @ Mandarin, along Holy Cross of Davao College Main Campus. Au2x(idol) also join us. weeh.. The day would not be complete without taking pictures, here are some of our moments:

After then, we separated ways, I the "chubby chix" went to work, Hazel "Kulot", Chai the "bad gurl" and Au2x "Idol" now "Ma'am"..hihi..went home... We ended the day with a big smile on our face HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAI!..mmmwwhhh.. luvs yah! ..(hito napud ta sunod hah..hehe)


Chai said...

taaank yu molit. mwuah

chubby ka