Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

2008 is over and lets welcome 2009 with love and peace in our hearts. This year would be my year. Year of the Ox. weeeh. There were plenty of good and bad memories I left behind 2008, I will treasure them all with a big smile on my face as I would remember those moments. Everything happened last year made me a better me this year, 2009! Wish to experience more and live more. My each and everyone of us will continue fighting for what life bring us this 2009! yepeehhh!!

Today is our 3rd year Anniversary!yeheh!! 3 years of being together is like a roller coaster, we have all our ups and downs as partners but we continue to hold on and love each other.weeeh... more years and years to come bhe, as we go on I just pray that we will continue what we had right now. more blessings and happiness to come. You will always be my baby! =)

Precious Moments with friends and baby Aj "pamangkin"


selo said...

wow 3 years! hurray!
more more more..forever!

-mOlit- said...

thanks dai..mwwhh..mwwh.. hopefully forever na zud...pray and pray! :)