Tuesday, March 24, 2009

bad day!

Today might be one of the not so good days of my life.grrr...I thought I started my day right,until I found out that my 1k is gone...grrrrrrr... as in grrrrrrr....I had a sudden change of mood... I almost had a fight with my bheby because of my temper... until now i can't still think how come that my money is lost inside my wallet.. baka my multo sa wallet ko...huhuhu...bad as in super bad!!

I came early at work because we had a general assembly. I thought that things would be better because I'm seeing my officemates/friends, I know It would made me feel better,I would start to enjoy things and forget about the money.. but sad to say things did not end up that way...because of this damn so slow as in very slow internet connection. I can't do my task well and I can't focus on the things I need to do. My mind is empty and I feel dizzy. OMG! what a day!!! But I still have the strong belief that "Everything happens for a reason." What made me feel a bit happy today despite the not so good things happened is the thought that I could be with my super Idol chito miranda...thanks isoy!

me and chito...hahha