Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend Update.....

Hi guys, its been a while since I update my personal thing here so just want to share my weekend adventures. Saturday, was a badminton session with my co-workers the AOV night shift agents. I went to SmashVille Fitness center earlier to attended there aerobics. Then around 9 am we started our badminton session. Weeh it was really fun, great games then we took pictures and pictures..haha.. we actually went there to have pictorials..nyahaha.. We ate our lunch at SM City Mall, our main purpose why we go to SM is to get a free yahoo sling at smart center.. and we got it..yepeeehh.. we side trip also @ the arcade and played bump cars..wow it's so nice to be kids again..haha...then at night we also went to Mic Wales grandfather's wake.That's how my Saturday ends..

Photos here:

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