Saturday, March 7, 2009

In memory of my Dear Tatay.

Today is the 12th year death anniversary of my dear tatay. 12 years of wanting him by my side, 12 years of wondering what if his still with us and 12 years of missing him. Growing up with out him is not easy, there were lots of times when I found my self crying in the middle of the night wishing that i have him to hug me. But then as what I always say " Everything happens for a reason" deep in my heart I know that what ever life takes me he will always support and guide me all the way. He will always there to give me comfort and love. But in a way I'm happy cause I know that his in good hands right now with the love of his life my mom, so I have nothing to worry about. He will always be the best "Tatay" in the whole wide world. I will always miss you and love you tay. Till we meet again.