Friday, April 3, 2009

Feelin Better Now

Last few days I felt like everything is messing up. I'm diagnose as hypertensive, its in our blood line so its not new to me, but what makes me feel sad is that i can no longer ate what I wanted. Grrrr...My life style should changed for good. I aslo had a big fight with my boyfriend and the relationship almost ended...that made me more upset. Feeling ko talaga the world is on my low talaga ang self-esteem ko. Im been insecure sa lahat nang bagay feeling ko I'm worthless nobody cares and nobody loves me.. Self pity ang drama..but right now I came to realize that its part of being human, sometimes you need to face and conquer life's challenges for you to be able to know your worth. What happen made me more mature and been loving my self more. It made me understand that when things are not doing well just always think of the positive side of life. Learn to stand up then face life with a smile . Its always true that "God would always make a way where it seems to be no way". Everything happens for its own good reason. God would not give you problems that you can't handle. So when things go wrong just have faith.