Saturday, April 18, 2009


Bored lang po..

**Are you in Love?:
Yes! very much in love :)

**Are you single or taken?:
much taken ;)

**If single, for how long?:
taken na nga..hihi

**Do you like guys or girls?:
Of course a guy.. but love hanging out with my girlfriends too :)

**What do you think about Sporty guys/girls?:
They were cute..

like it!

50/50 ..hihi

**Your Favorites**

**Kind of Food::

Black, white, purple and pink..

**Place to be?:
In my room. Somewhere like a paradise.

**Vacation spot::
Beaches and out of the country trip ;)

Brad Pitt..

Angelina Jolie

**Day Time Talk Show::
Ruffa and Ai..

10 super fave number :)

**Your Short Opinion on**

**Gay Marriage::
Basta masaya sila. Go!

**Drunk Driving::
Worry on there safety...

**Legal Driving Age::
Okay na yung 16.

**Madam Auring and her boyfriend::
Love is blind..

**Young Marriages::
Its ok as long as both are in love and responsible enough

**Young Parents::
Sana walang sisihan...

**Pregnancy without a Marriage::
As long as pinagutan, love and they stay together, its fine with me..:)

**This Survey::
Good enough to kill a few minutes of my time. Hehe.