Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Duplicate File Remover

One of the major problem we encounter in our desktop or laptop is insufficient amount of free disk space. One reason is that we sometimes forget that we already had done saving a certain file then suddenly we save it again. I found this duplicate file finder software called Clone Remover. The program combine the most important element like simplicity, convenient in work, interactivity, reliability and functionality. Simplicity perhaps is uniting principle of the best duplicate file finder. Any beginner can adapt to the program having worked for some minutes because in the program there are no “heavy” tools panels, difficult commands and functions which you have to learn for some days or weeks. f you wish to find, for example, duplicate files in “Music” folder you simply send a corresponding command and the program reacts to it. Reliability of the program is provided with high quality of program coding which does not leave a place to any bugs and errors. Eventually it is functionality what users choose when choose this or that program. The program realizes all functions necessary for the best duplicate file finder: search of duplicate files, the data filter, selection of types of duplicate files for search, search both in standard directories and “non-standard” ones - archives and network disks, keeping of the results in a separate file, etc. With all the specs above this duplicate file finder-Clone remover is amazing.


binaryman said...

Here is another duplicate file finder utility Directory Report http://www.file-utilities.com