Friday, October 2, 2009

My Day

September 30, is my day. It's my 24th birthday. Yes, I'm 24. I should stop counting my age by then..haha.. I would like to stay 24 forever..nyahaha...As I always say I will always stay young at heart... My day was simple but full of happiness. I have so much to be thankful for. I thank God for giving me 24 years of my existence which I experience how to love and be loved in return, how to be disappointed, how to get fall and stumble and how to get up and face life again. Everything that happen to me for 24 years are all blessings. No matter what I feel either I was happy or sad at the moment, what I knew is that it help me grow and help me become a better person. I'm blessed with the people around me who never fail to give me love and care. Thank you to my family, office mates, friends and my bhe for letting me be part of there life. You all given me happiness and joy. Especially when you do remember my special day.weehh.. I love you all :)

On the other hand, My bhe's birthday was last September 13 and mine was last September 30. So we come up with an idea that we should celebrate our both bithday's on the 20th of September. We stay over night at Kaputian beach resort @ Igacos together with his friends. We all had a good time together and I'm so happy to know his friends as well. Looking forward to celebrate our next birthday's again..nyahaha... Love you bhe...

dinner @ the house(September 30,2009)

Snack time @ the office (September 30,2009)

Jan and Molit @ 24