Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Daily Life Readings

Today is our 45th monthsary...weeeehh.. Happy monthsary bheby koh.. you will always be my baby..

Got a message that on this day, God wants me to know...... that when the sun rises, it rises for you. Yes, for you. Just for you. Only for you. You are it, everything, the whole universe with all the billion gal...axies and stars. The separateness you feel is only a mask you have put on to enjoy this human form. Under the mask, your shape is All. How far can you now feel your Self expand? To your parent?... to your child?... to your friend?... to a stranger on a street?... half way around the globe?

My Fortune Cookie : Your heart will always make itself known through your words

My Daily Horoscope: October 7,2009...LIBRA

There is a fairly strong fun cycle coming up for you, Libra, but it is not really underway until later today, probably. At any rate, you'll notice that things are easy, as long as you are enjoying them. You may be the initiator of the social activity of the next few days, or you might spend this time preparing for a weekend with friends, or someone special. Although things are more enjoyable right now, it does not automatically mean that your situation is better, so be really careful about money matters today. - yeah I must be careful with money matters.. I will :)

My Daily LOVE Horoscope: October 7,2009...LIBRA

Your romantic endeavors today are going to take on an air of competition, Libra, and this may lead to some friction for you. This is a situation where you are likely to speak before you think, so you need to guard your instinct carefully today. Friction and furious emotional confrontations are likely today, and it will seem like nobody can do right by you today. These issues are those that are stemming from the past, and your emotional responses are from within and not from those around you. Be careful in your reaction, and maybe take a time out to deal with these things after you have thought them through a little bit or you may burn the bridges you are working so hard to save.