Wednesday, March 12, 2008


As I drop by this site : ... I was so amaze with what I see... Is it Illusions or shall we call it work of arts made by extraordinary folks. Here are some:

Can you find a face in this picture ?

This is an Elephantastic Illusion !

Look carefully at this Einstein's drawing. May be you will discover Three Graces in their Birthday Suit. Pencil drawing by Sandro del Prete, a Swiss artist.

How Many faces are in this painting?


If you find 10, you have an ordinary power of observation.

Find 15, you have above average power of observation.

Find 20, you are very observant. Congratulate yourself.

Find 21 and more, you are extremely observant. Very intuitive and creative.
You can rival the observant power of Sherlock Holmes.

P.S. This is a Painting from Bev Doolittle.

I'snt it amazing??
Two thumbs up to those creative minds who made this..!...