Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Its Monday!..=))

hi guys, its a another set of working days...hahai.. at least this week we work only for three days since its holy week... a time to relax, to ask GOD's forgiveness , to remember GOD's goodness for saving us from sins and thank him for all the blessings we receive everyday...LORD THANK U SOO MUCH!...~_~

Anyway, flash back tayo..;)) last weekend.. as our daily routine after work, we played badminton(w/my officemates) @ Holiday Spa, along Torres St.,then we ate our breakfast @ Jocel's place in Bankerohan...I'm soo happy cause I was craving for hito (cat fish) it is one of my favorite "ulam"...hehe...lucky I that one of the dishes on that karendiria is " gata na hito"...its soo delicious ...hehe...yum2x!...while eating, the group discuss 'bout the next stop...hehe.. then after a few minutes of discussions we decided that around 7 pm, we will meet @ Carnival along Ma-a road then after riding all the rides in carnival we will proceed to Matina Town Square (MTS) to watch the concert of "Kamikazee".. After we decide we separate lives..haha... I ask favor to Te Tess that she would wake me up @ around 6pm, miss call to the max...to prepare for the night out...;)).. then finally its slepping time... ZZzzzzzZZZzzzzzZZZZZ.......ring! ring!!its 6 pm na pala...waaahhh and as promise Te Tess miss call me.. I guess 2 miss calls before I finally wake up...=))... suddenly my cousin lanie texted me that we will eat dinner w/ dhetc yam at Dencio's Hilltop...hmmmm.. food!... its another yummy evening..haha... so I decided to go w/ my cousins then after eating I will just proceed to either Carnival or MTS....

Its been a while since me and mah cousins hangout so I'm happy that I spend time w/ them coz i really miss their company... I was so "busog"..haha.. Thanks dhetc yam sa treat...love the food.. and since its my first time to eat @ hilltop I was amaze w/ the view and can't help my self to take some souvenir's ...its picture2x time...

♥ me and lanie couzins for life...pose zud to the max..hehe ♥

♥ kami na sad... wafa noh?..yaw na palag... ♥

♥ again kami nasad duha w/ nice background mao nay dabaw pag gabie..nice ayo ♥

♥ w/ dhetc yam pasencya eh nalang na amo mga smile kay nahimoot lang sa waiter..haha ♥

♥ oist, ge talikdan me neh mang dencio, snob cya in person..haha ♥

hai,unluckily when I'm about to go to Carnival the group is done w/ all the rides..suya ko..huhu... I saw them outside na..hahai.. so I have no choice but to go to our next stop.. MTS!...gosh so crowded..!!!..but then the gimik must go on!..hehe.. we end up chilling @ Whistle top...It was ended so fun.. and I'm craving for more!...weeeh...
♥ just chilling ♥

♥ shot gurl para igat!..wahaha ♥

♥ w/ Shaina Magdayao aw si Vivienne diay..hehe ♥

♥ 1..2...3...smile jocel...haha ♥

♥ hai.. mahuman na us...:( ♥



melai palmero said...

yea yea@ nice jud au tong saturday. hehe :)