Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Childhood Fantasy

I've been waiting to have a prince charming
Who would catch me when I'm falling
Who would wake me up after a million years of sleeping
Who would hug,kiss,care and give all his loving
Then we're gonna live happily ever after!

I thought my childhood best buddy would be my prince
We've been best friends since the day were born
His my neighbor,friend,classmate,playmate, my foe as well
We grown up and shared happy memories together
My childhood days would not be that merry and jolly w/out him.

By fate we separate ways
Never thought my feeling for him would grow
Were miles away but still my heart never fail to glow
I hope and pray that someday he would know.

I never expunge that my prince is him
I always dreamed of being w/ him
I never love anyone except him
'cause I believe at the end I'm gonna be with him.

Then one day i just wake up
and realize that not all dreams could come true
Fairy tales don't always end with a happy ending
I guess ours is not one of those tales that ends well
It is all just my childhood fantasy
Everything just happen in a right way
Just let it be.


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