Friday, March 7, 2008

Quarter Life Crisis

Being part of "young adults" I been experiencing this so called "quarter life crisis" . I don't know which path I take. I have so much questions in mind which I could not find the answers. Like what is the purpose of my existence? Do I got the right decision in everything I do? If feels like I'm in the middle of no ware seeing bunch of roads and don't know which road should I take. hahai... Which is which???.... I'm starting to have my career but i still have this feeling of insecurity. I'm happy w/ what's going on with my relationship and my life but I still have thoughts of what If's?... A'm I still having hang over's with my teens or maybe I'm just too much afraid of my future. :(

Slowly I feel that everything is changing, my feelings, my opinions, my attitudes and my goals. hahai... I guess everyone goes in to this dilemma i just have to deal w/ it..:)

Prayer is always the best key right?...