Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm bored...:(

Gosh! I'm bored!.. really!really bored!..It's almost a week that I have nothing to do @ work. Nothing exciting and nothings new!.. I hate the feeling of boredom because it makes me feel sick and useless.. It feels better maybe if I could nap or sleep during working hours.. but of course it could not be...we have rules here in the office.. and rules were always be rules unless you want some memo from the admin..hehe....

In a way, I was kinda excited with the idea of going to the beach w/ mah bhe to celebrate our monsary, i hope that things settled and plans could be real...hehe.. at least it could lessen mah tiredness. I love beaches so it would be a great thing to spend mah weekend and celebrate good times together with someone very special...hahai..weeehh

but for now ...It really sucks thinking nothing...waaahuhu...

Help! save me from this wretchedness...wahaa


NEW FACES said...

Gurl, bored jud d i ang show ni for the past few days? agay. agay. agay.. kambyo na lang ta gurl beh ikaw trabaho sa akoang trabaho gurl hahahaha.. tan.awon na to dili ka mureklamo sa kakapoy.. hehehe.. hahayz.. wow! maau pa ka gurl pa dagat2 na lang with your man.. hahayz.. gud lak gurl and aja! ayaw pag take advantage sa imong yeba ha.. be a good girl.. charing.. hehe.. joke2.. bfn.. work mode sa ko vayetss.. saon na lang. ma werla jud.. :D

-mOlit- said...

hahah... hayahai lagi kayo ko... waaah ako pa zud ang mag take advantage.. humanda..hehehe... behave ..hihi.. tge gurl.. good luck sa work! kung pwede lang taka tabangan..why not..;)).. werla vayeetttttttsss..:d

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