Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I had a great weekend...~_~

side view @ Bern Berioso Beach Resort and its white sand and cottages

I spend my Sunday w/ jan2x. We went to Bern Berioso Beach Resort @ Pindasan, around 12 nn we arrive @ the place, we take our lunch and talk too much since we missed each other.. hehe..while waiting mikko and company I sleep since the air is so warm, I cant really help but sleep...weeh..The place is relaxing, you could really forget the city life for a while.. hehe..the sea is calm and peaceful.... I also love their cottages and the white sand its so it and really love it...hehe... 4pm finally they arrive.. mikko with girlfriend iyum and remark... actually mikko's family is @ the same beach we had, their cottage is beside ours...hehe...anyway, after they eat the boys started their session... RH session..hahaha...We had a lot of fun, exchanging funny stories and jowks... when the sun is down and its about 6 pm maybe, we decided to go swimming..weeehhh...swimming!!!"super sarap mag swimming zud as in"...hehe.. after and hour, the swimming session is over...its time to take shower and change clothes then go home...around 8 pm we leave the place and jan2x take me to the bus terminal cause i need to go home to davao... its about 11pm when I arrived home...I really enjoy the day soO much..! I sleep w/ a smile on my face.. Thanks bhe...

Its not yet over, the next day(Monday), jan2x, mikko and iyum, went here to enjoy the city life..hahah...mikko buy something and its also like "despedida" to iyum since by Wednesday(its today!)..she will be going to manila to process her papers abroad...we met @ JS Gaisano by 6:30 pm, the weather is not good.. its raining...weeeh... whatever, we still stick with our plans...hehe... mikko buy a pair of shoe, after buying we then eat our dinner @ banoks Illustre... after dinner we went to peoples park and then Jack's Ridge...weeeh... we had a lot of fun although were just walking around the city w/ cold air and rain drops...we enjoy each others company and and some how it is one way of making our friendship stronger.

I really had a great weekend... spending it with someone I love so much and people close to my heart...:)

here are some of our pictures:


AlRitch said...

Blog round here. Nice place huh.