Friday, April 25, 2008

puzzeled mind

Hi there! weeh.. im back!.. as if im lost...waaahhh... well2x... for the last week wala naman talaga akong ginagawa... hmmm.. wala lang talaga ako sa mood mag sulat... sa sobrang board ko... mas gusto ko nalang mag tingin2x nalang or mag tanga and thinking nothing...wahaha...

Updates: Last Sunday, I'm with chai and amor, they are my college friends and office mates as well, we go to mass @ St.Jude Parish malvar st. 4:30pm, then after that we ate dinner @ Mandarin, then chill at JS Illustre, window shopping..since ala pa us mga money..haha... It's nice to bond with your old folks reminiscing old days.. and its nice to know that were growing maturely, independently and responsible individuals diba chai??..haha..We still have this childish talks but were aware that life is not easy as we thought before.. I was kinda shock cause were talking about our future and its rare, cause we really don't talk that way...I'm happy that were on the right way...char..hihi.. success here we come..weeehh

Thoughts: for the past week I was really thinking to go to school either web designing (adobe photo shop) or go for cooking lesson..which is which...hmmm... pwede both?.. what do you think guys... help naman dyan... hihi... I want to study adobe photo shop, i love doing new things and web designing is very challenging, then i guess it is also a one way step going abroad..??..hmmmm... cooking is also one of my frustration, since my passion is eating I guess i should learn to cook right???...I'm going to be a chef someday!..char oi..weeeh... kaya both nalang! ahaha.. I really have to save money to do it...aja!.. I can make it!...weeehhh

Love Life: hmmm??? do i have one...haha.. of course were going strong and were have so many things pa to overcome as we go on to our journey called forever!...hihi...

Work: It was kindah board... but I'm glad cause i have one of the best client ever he is so nice.. I'm hassle free and got no worry at all... yeeehh

Latest update: m crazy on mob wars and tower bloxx..hahaha(facebook games)

Thats it for now...sayonara!!