Tuesday, April 1, 2008


We had an unusual Saturday since we did not do our routine. After work we just go home and take a rest to get ready for the night out. The group landed @ VISA videok bar, @ the back of victorial plaza, we rent one of the exclusive rooms to get chill, unwind, have fun and to celebrate the special day of our dear friend miemot..:)

Me and lyra went @ around 9:30 pm. I thought were late but good thing the group did not start yet. Raquel the gimikira - take note "si Raquel na ang gimikira hindi na si lyra" ...take the lead to start singing yeah... " the holaback girl! -"this mah shit - this mah shit" ...peace out...hehe... Until the group of james a friend of amie got in, and there really had a great voice pero hmmm... never patalo ang aming singer na si raquel plus our diva Jay...haha.. As we go on... w/ the company of RH and Empe!.. cyempre "choli" zud us tanan...hahah...unsa pa peng!...

Saturday night is Simply the Best!

Happy Birthday Miemot!


Raqski said...

agay..agay..agay..humanda ang nangiro sa akoa vayetsss! ma er ang jud.. oist molit, pag sure dira oi! ako gimikera? hahaha.. naunse! pangiro jud gurl ma er ang jud ka vayetssss..humanda jud! ready baya ko permi mu comment.. hahahaha.. wala wala ka kay kuya karlo kay "eat mah shit" iyaha.. hahaha.. hahayz dai nus.a na sad kaya to masundan ug usab lingaw jud kaau as in! weeeee.. sunod dai ikaw na sad ang musayaw ha den ako kanta ug hola back gurl ikaw akong back up dancer.. :))hahahaha... peace on earth!

-mOlit- said...

surething!.. karon palang gurl.. mag practice nku.. para dili uga ang show!...wahaha... as in super lingaw love it zud...scandal kayo mo oi... ako lang ang behave zud.. char... yaw na pag kia ky ma erAng!..hehehe...mmmwwhh