Friday, June 20, 2008

Ya Erwin's Birthday bush :)

We usually celebrate birthdays of our officemates with something special like we bought cake, give something really unusual. But here comes June 16,08. For me, its just like an ordinary day,go to work have some chitchat with gurl friends. When I arrived @ work some of the boys are outside the office they normally do it anyway..(hehe)...I noticed that they took some pictures but it doesn't bother me. As I reached my seat my gurlfriend raquel told me that its kuya ewin's birthday! Whaaatt!!!hmmmm..."kaya pala my picture2x sa labas" hihi...I found out that only few of our colleague new that its his big day! so we never had a plan on how to have a special gift to him.. Were sorry kuya.. this post is one way of saying thank you to you for being so nice to us..Happy2x Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Picture2x mood: taken during our break time.. Kuya erwin brought sandwiches, dunkin dunots, softdrinks plus pansit courtesy of te tess!.. thank you so much!

After having a snack we strike a pose with the birthday celebrant....

After work kuya erwin treat us to cherry's,along bonifacio st. in front of my college school UIC..
So again.. picture perfect!...

We maybe not able to prepare on your day but you surprised us instead ..:) Happy- happy Birthday !