Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

I wish I could tell him face to face " happy fathers day tatay! " then kiss him and hug him tight. Tell him how much I love him and how proud I'am to have him as my father.Be with him all day long, eat our meals together, joking around with our neighbors,talking none sense stuff but..... sad to say I could not do those things anymoresad. I'm a bit sad during these days celebrating fathers day with out my tatay but then happy in a way cause I know, I can feel inside that his happy and at peace. His in a lovely place right now with Nanay and God!.

Happy Fathers Day TATAY!
I Love you so much! I'm always be your little girl! Till we meet again..

To all Fathers, soon to be father,wanted to be a father HAPPY-HAPPY FATHERs DAY!


Raqski said...

halu dai! makahilak man ni imong post dai.. parehas ta dai wala nay papa.. huhuhuhu.. it's sad coz we don't have them to celebrate Father's day. all we could do is to pray for them.. aja dai kaya nato ni.. hehehe.. :D

-mOlit- said...

lagi dai.. dawat2x lang..huhu.. kaya ra lagi neh nato...aja!